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Tiger Boy

Tiger Boy

From the director of They Call Me Jeeg Robot, the story of Matteo, a nine year old kid whose hero is a wrestler of a Roman suburb called The Tiger.

20 – 25 | 2012 | Childhood | Disease | Dramedy | Italy

Tiger Boy is the sixth short film directed by Gabriele Mainetti, Italian actor, director, composer and producer born in 1976. Acclaimed as Italian film superhero with his directorial feature They Call Me Jeeg Robot (premiered at 2015 Rome Film Fest, the movie will open in Italian theatres in 2016), he trained with the shorts Itinerario…

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Online Premiere: The Show MAS Go On

Artist Rä di Martino celebrates MAS , the Roman famed "department stores of the people", with a art-doc poised between fiction and reality.

2014 | 25 - 30 | Documentary | Experimental | Italy | Urban

What is MAS? Let’s explain it to non-roman citizens. It is a legendary shop in Rome, nearby Piazza Vittorio, in the multicultural district of Esquilino, which in the 30s was the biggest luxury emporium in town. What remains of that age are perhaps only the chandeliers hanging in mid-air, now almost fallen to ground level where a mangy…


The Arab Series

A special selection of shorts from the Arab countries.

Often with no budget and few resources, the short Arab cinema is still capable to tell poignant, gripping, or though-provoking stories which unfortunatelly have little exposure in the media and festival circuits. The Arab Series is a Good Short Film’s special feature showcasing a selection of works from the Arab countries, curated by our passionate editor Alessandro Zoppo.

The Wind

The Arab Series #4: The Wind

The Teir el Akhdar collective tells us Syria and the war through loss, displacement, and forced migration.

0 – 5 | 2105 | Drama | Stop Motion | Syria | War

The Wind is the stop-motion animated short directed by Teir el Akhdar collective, comprised of Lina Ghaibeh, May Ghaibeh, Sawsan Nourallah, and Ibrahim Ramadan. With no budget and very little equipment, but with a strong will to tell the world what is really going through Syria, the four (three of them are currently living in Lebanon –…

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Eat My Shit

The moving story of a girl whose butthole is where her mouth should be.

0 – 5 | 2015 | Grotesque | Human Nature | Live-Action | Selfie | Spain

Samantha (Anna Marìa Polverosa) has taken a selfie of her face and posted it on Instagram, but it has been censored and deleted for alleged “sexual content”. What’s wrong with her? Her face is not like other faces. It turns out she was born with a hairy butthole located where her mouth should be. Samantha did…

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