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Summer 2020: 30 Shorts To Watch at Home To Feel on Holiday

We've put together a playlist to capture the suspended reality of this weird summer

The global coronavirus pandemic has turned the summer of 2020 into the weirdest and surreal thing ever. Time perception has changed. Some days seem to pass very slowly while some weeks, and even months, fly by. The restrictions put in place to mitigate the epidemic do change how attention and emotion affect our sense of…


Concorto Film Festival Unveils 2020 Live Programme

From 22 to 29 August the most anticipated short film festival in Italy is back: here's the official line-up


“The human ability to imagine is related to the vision procedure and only by imagining it will be possible to see and realize a future more just for us and for the planet on which we live.” This is the mission of Concorto Film Festival, the event that has animated the Emilian summer since 2002…


Online Premiere: Black by Sara Taigher

A short film part of a wider cross-media project to brighten your soul during these days of forced quarantine

10 – 15 | 2018 | Animation | Italy | Sci-Fi

Rome, summer. One night, unexpectedly, a total blackout leaves the city without electricity. People feel paralyzed, their world is dipped in darkness. Matteo is a young electronic music producer big fan of Chemical Brothers and Daft Punk. He’s composing the songs of his new album. In a single moment, he loses all his work on…


Nigel – by Natasza Cetner

A lonely gannet falls for a concrete bird in this relatable love story

2019 | 5 - 10 | Animation | Drama | Love | UK

Nigel is the Royal College of Art’s grad short by Polish animator Natasza Cetner. The London-based director isn’t new to animating birds, and as Nigel lands online, she’s working on a new animation about the stranger-than-fiction story of a headless chicken with Irish studio Cardel. In the short, a mysterious walrus-like creature goes to some…


Hair Love – by Matthew A. Cherry

The 2020 Oscar-winner animated short, based on the true story of Deandre Arnold and financed by a Kickstarter campaign

2019 | 5 - 10 | Animation | Dramedy | Identity | USA

Stephen is an African American dad. His young daughter Zuri keeps watching the tutorial video of her mother (voiced by Awkward Black Girl and Insecure star Issa Rae) teaching her how to style her kinky hair. The woman is waiting for her family in the hospital. It is therefore important for Stephen to style Zuri’s…

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