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The Cosmic Dope – A Plant Experience – by CLEMENTE

The experimentation of the effects of a new and unknown species of orchid: an impeccable style exercise

0 – 5 | 2018 | Brazil | Live-Action | Madness | Sci-Fi

The Cosmic Dope – A Plant Experience by the Brazilian director CLEMENTE, born in San Paolo, is presented as the fourth episode of a supposed scientific documentary, dedicated to the experimentation of the effects of a new and unknown species of orchid. In the America of the ‘60s, the scientists Alan Jones and Eric Bobson…


The Joke’s on You – by Katie Smith

A refreshing British comedy, a modern and real love story

10 – 15 | 2016 | Comedy | Live-Action | Love | UK

The Joke’s on You is a refreshing British comedy, winner as Best Short Comedy of 2016 at ECAFF Eddie Comedy Awards. It talks about the love between Davina (Victoria Muldoon) and Mark (Liam Bewley), a young couple living in London with their cat Mimi. Their relationship, unlike their cat, seems to go nowhere (seriously, where should…


Limbus – by Michael Philipp

In war, beside life, you lose first of all yourself

20 – 25 | 2016 | Drama | Live-Action | Switzerland | War

1918, the First World War is over, two soldiers can finally make their way home. They survived, but their mind is weighed down by four years of life at the front, away from home and affections. A picture, a memory, a letter have been for years the only promise of a future normality. Limbus, the short…


Bismillah by Alessandro Grande: Winner of the David di Donatello Award 2018 for Best Short Film

Exclusive interview with the director winner of the most important Italian prize


Bismillah by Alessandro Grande is the winner of the David di Donatello Award 2018 for Best Short Film. Tender and sharp, this powerful and moving look at the migrant crisis in Europe will be representing Italy in the Oscar race and has been selected as one of the 265 short films in the running. The…


Coach Nison – by Charlie Hoxie

A table tennis champion from Tajikistan opens a club in Brooklyn where he trains the next generation of talent

10 – 15 | 2017 | Chronicle | Documentary | Sport | USA

Coach Nison by Charlie Hoxie is part of Frameworks, a series of in-depth documentary shorts examining extraordinary New York characters. Filmmaker and editor based in Brooklyn, Hoxie’s no stranger to attractive stories. His first short doc was a 22-minute look at the Passive House method of energy-efficient building, aired on NYC-TV after an international festival…

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