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Fighting the Ebola Outbreak, Street by Street.

The New York Times' shortdoc on Ebola's outbreak in Liberia, redefines the boundaries between news and narrative.

2014 | 5 - 10 | Commentaire | Disease | Documentary | USA

An ambulance with blaring sirens runs through the crowded streets of Monrovia, capital of Liberia, one of regions mostly affected by the ebola’s epidemic. Since the outbreak of the virus in March 2014, were recorded in the African state more than 4000 cases, 2300 deaths. There is a new suspected case. Gordon and his team…

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The Missing Scarf

An apparent children's story turns out to be a philosophical reflection on overcoming a loss, through existentialism, nihilism and minimal graphics.

2013 | 5 - 10 | Animation | Black Comedy | Ireland | Philosophy

One morning, Albert the squirrel wakes up and realizes that his beloved scarf is gone. This unpleasant discovery leads him to go look for it into the forest, where he’ll meet various animals who won’t be very helpful, being preoccupied with worries of their own. Albert will end up helping them overcome their fears, and…



A "Border Film" suspended between video art and science that shows us how to capture a sound.

10-15 | 2013 | Documentary | Experimental | Italy | Technology

An armchair, some electrical appliances, a few glimpses of a deserted Turin… Solemn camera movements lead us through different environments, to finally dwell on the geometrical patters of a  concrete building. We are at the National Institute of Metrological Research in Turin, that hosts a  “reverberation chamber”. Within this white and aseptic space , we…

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The incredible story of a robot, made using only NASA's archival footage.

2012 | 5 - 10 | Australia | Found Footage | Outer Space | Sci-Fi

The use of found footage is quite common in contemporary cinema. A recurring device in horror and science fiction, it’s now considered as a sub-genre in its own right. Although it dates back to 1980′s Cannibal Holocaust, it’s from the 90s, with the large success of the Blair Witch Project, that many directors have systematically …

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A sci-fi romance set in a dystopian future questions about artificial love and the future of humanity. (NSFW)

2014 | Dystopia | Romance | Sci-Fi | Spain | VFX

2065. The entire planet is facing the climate change aftermath. One of the few habitable places left is Antarctica, where the ice melted, allowing large corporations to build self-sufficient city-enclaves to allow humanity to live a “purified” existence, away from dangers and diseases. The theme of this story, however, does not have much to do…

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