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Guest Picks #4: Yair Hochner

Israeli director and creator of Tel Aviv LGBT International Film Festival recommends three shorts that have mostly inspired him

Cinema as a shelter for dreams. Our Guest Picks #4 comes from Israeli filmmaker Yair Hochner, creator of the TLVFest – Tel Aviv LGBT International Film Festival. Delivering an intense, personal and moving world exploring LGBT topics such as the discovery of sexuality, impossible love, sexual intimacy, the uncertain relationships with the world, Yair has…


Pablo’s Villa

Pablo Novak lives alone in the submerged Argentine ghost town of Villa Epecuén: this is his fascinating and incredible story

2013 | 5 - 10 | Australia | Documentary | Man and Nature

Villa Epecuén is a suggestive town 500 kilometers southwest of Buenos Aires, Argentina. Back in the 1920s, a tourist village was established along the shore of the salt lake due to the therapeutic water that visitors came to bathe in. Every season thousands of European vacationers and rich Argentineans, luxurious hotels, restaurants, fashion shops, discos.…


Beyond the Short: New generation of Italian video-artists

Short, feature, medium-length: Which differences? Discover the new generation of Italian video-artists and filmmakers

Short, feature, medium-length: different ways to define cinema or the broader area of moving pictures. These methods are primarily based on a quantitative and temporal distinction. These methods are certainly useful, helping us to define and carry out a production and distribution system. Festivals, events, and productions are based on these methods. However, we might…


Guest Picks #3: Giuseppe Sansonna

The talented director and author recommends four touching and moving short films

We are pleased to present four very inspirational “picks” selected by Italian talented director Giuseppe Sansonna, short films that somehow reflect his ironic and dreamy filming style and story-telling, not lacking of a certain dark and grotesque humour. Born in 1977, Sansonna currently works as author and director with Rai Italia. He has directed the…


Goat Witch

From the creators of 'The Demon's Rook' comes Emelin & Gloria's ancient ritual: witches, demons, and deities during a full lunar eclipse…

10 – 15 | 2014 | Horror | Supernatural | USA

Weird things happen in the woods of Georgia. For example, coming across the occult universe of James Sizemore and The Black Riders, a group of shady college friends dedicated to the appreciation of cryptozoology, veganism, metal, mythology, and art. Don’t call them Satanists as they’re just deeply involved in painting, drawing, sculpture, makeup (just check…

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