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Agua Viva – by Alexa Lim Haas

A short animation about feelings that no language can describe.

2018 | 5 - 10 | Animation | Communication | Drama | USA

Winner of SXSW Best Animation Short in 2018, Alexa Lim Haas’ animation Agua Viva is a poetic animation about communication, words and feelings that words cannot express. Protagonist of the short is a Chinese girl who works as a beautician in a Miami beauty salon. MeiMei (her name quickly appears on a badge she is…


The 10 Best Short Films of 2018 (Available Online)

From Korea to Syria, here are the best of the best, strictly available online


2018 has been a banner year for short films. The increasing diversity and originality of artistic ideas peak, as always, with our final tally for the year’s finest short films. Some of the most inspiring films were made by women, others are built on the absences of the past—and their ghostly emanations. But what matters…


Belly Flop – by Jeremy Collins and Kelly Dillon

Good things come to those who wait in the South-African short film challenging the US dominion in animated cinema

0 – 5 | 2018 | Animation | Comedy | South Africa | Teenager

Belly Flop is a short film inspired by perseverance. Directed by Jeremy Collins and Kelly Dillon, this is the funny story of Penny, a fearless girl who tries to steal the scene from a talented diver. Produced by the South African animation studio Triggerfish Animation, Belly Flop was named Best Animation at the AMA Awards in Rwanda. It has also…


Focus On: Federica Gianni, Director of Primo and The Friend from Tel Aviv

At MedFilm Festival, we met Federica Gianni, who told us about her short films: watch the online premieres of The Friend from Tel Aviv and Primo


Federica Gianni‘s gaze upon the world is unusual. It’s piercing and slanted. She is a NYC-based Italian writer/director and her short films explore the different expressions of contemporary masculinity, the struggle between belonging and otherness, the (re)self-discovery, the explosion of desire and the deception of feelings. She did it by focusing on suspension of her…


Sebastian – by Sam Fragoso

An emigrating father writes home to his son: a short film that tells in 3 minutes what is America today

0 – 5 | 2018 | Drama | Live-Action | Social Issues | USA

Sebastian is the first short film written and directed by Sam Fragoso, formerly a film critic and actually the host of Talk Easy podcast. This piece tells in 3 minutes what is America today, the one president Donald Trump wants to arm by sending home the South-American migrants who push to the borders. Sebastian is based…

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