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021 Capalbio Cinema International Shortfilm Fest

The historic Maremman festival opens its 21th edition with an entirely renewed formula in the name of Re/Generation.


“It is not the strongest of the species that survive, nor the most intelligent, but the one most responsive to change.”
Charles Darwin

“In order to survive, all systems must evolve by providing greater and greater access to the currents that flow through them.
John Hagel III

This is exactly the spirit that animates the 21 th edition of Capalbio International Short Film Festival (24-27 July), directed by Tommaso Mottola and founded by Stella Leonetti, that renews its formula and its own mission. The festival, that by vocation and DNA has always approached the young to the Masters, sets new goals to achive in 3 years: becoming the place where cinema can rethink itslef e renovate, and where young talents can collaborate with each other, meet their professional future and success in the world. For the first time, 21 filmmakers from 21 countries will be present at the festival along with the directors of the Centro Sperimentale di Cinematogrfia, Pietro Scalia, internationally famed editor of Gladiator and oscar-winning JFK and Black Hawk Down, which will held a master class for the young filmmakers in competition, the Romanian new wave, for a widely shared festival, a 4-day long brainstorming to generate the creative energy needed to renew itself.

The festival will be spread like never before in the territory, which extends from Capalbio and Orbetello and, for the first time, on Manciano, with special screenin locations such  beaches, plazas and cinemas across the lower Maremma. The festival will also be present online for the first time, thanks to Good Short Films that opens up its collaboration with a selection of “historical short” and previews that will be published in conjunction with the festival.

The 21th edition will therefore be all in the name of RI/GENERATION, dedicated to the “masters of the future”, such as the young talent in which the festival, in the spirit of re-foundation, believes: «This edition, – says Thomas Mottola , director of the Festival – expresses our desire to renew ourselves and to try to imagine the future of Capalbio Cinema at the time of 2.0. It was December and the staff were all together when we discovered that the Sundance with “New Fronteer” imparted a decisive turning on innovative formats. Words such as short, medium, long, festivals, distribution, need to be rethought with the young film makers: this will be the first goal of our Re / Generation.»

With an eye to the future of cinema, this year the festivaln inaugurates a new award: the Re/Generation Award. It is an introduction to the new structure of the nascent Capalbio Lab that the festival will develop over the next year. The Re/Generation award consists of a grant for an artist residency destined to three promising filmmakers who will reside in Capalbio for two weeks in 2015, with the aim to work on a project, a subject and a screenplay for a feature film. The project will be supported by a tutorship of Capalbio Lab.

In this context Paul Federbush, director of the Sundance Film Festival Institute, and Michelle Satter, founder along with Robert Redford’s Sundance’s inaugural program will be in Capalbio to establish a dialogue with the purpose to internationalize the festival. Capalbio thus set itself as a crossroads where the young talens where young talents can collaborate with each other, meet their future and success in the world.

The festival is organized in collaboration with the Fondazione Sistema Toscana and has the support of the Ministry of Culture, the Region of Tuscany, Italian Trade Agency, the Municipality of the City of Capalbio and Orbetello, and the patronage of all the major organizations of cinema Italian including: Anica, AGPC, ADCI, AGIS SCHOOL, FICE, SNGCI. Also welcomes the return of major sponsors, BNL BNP Paribas Group, Kairos Partners SGR, Marsh and Vilebrequin, who believe in the project.


International Competition
This year the new trends in short films, which are summarized in the section of the international competition, will include 15 short films from different countries in Europe and the rest of the world. They will be judged by a jury composed by Academy Award winning editor Pietro Scalia, from writer-director Marian Crisan, the editorial director of Feltrinelli Alberto Rollo, the politician, writer and director Walter Veltroni, and the director and writer Elisa Fuksas.

97% di Ben Brand, Olanda
Balavica di Igor Mirkovic, Croatia
Buenos Aires di Daniel Gil Suarez, Spagna
Calea Dunarii di Sabin Dorohoi, Romania
Cold Snap di Leo Woodhead, Nuova Zelanda
Colecita di Arome di Igor Cobileanski, Moldavia
Fallet di Andreas Thaulow, Norvegia
Granice Wytrzymalosci di Marek Marlikowski, Polonia
Houses with Small Windows di Bülent Öztürk, Belgio
Montauk di Vinz Feller, Svizzera
Pastuh di Sergey Borovkov, Russia
T’ètais où quand Micheal Jackson est Mort? di Jean-Baptiste Pouilloux, Francia
Tamah di Erhan Yürük, Turchia
Un Uccello Molto Serio di Lorenza Indovina, Italia
Up on the Roof di Nour Wazzy, Regno Unito

Short Waves
In the “short wave” section, which focuses on the trends of the more experimental short film internationally, we willl find 12 short films from 10 European and non-European countries.

A Passo d’Uomo di Giovanni Aloi, Italia
Analogue People in a Digital Age di Keith Walsh, Irlanda
Burger di Magnus Mork, Regno Unito
Inertial Love di César Esteban Alenda e José Esteban Alenda, Spagna
Ja vi Elsker di Hallvar Witzã, Norvegia
La Lampe au Beurre de Yak di Hu Wei, Francia
Metube: August sings Carmen ‘Habanera’ di Daniel Moshel, Austria
Off Ground di Boudewijn Koole, Olanda
The World di Qiu Yang, Australia
Una Hora, un Paso di Aitor Iturriza, Spagna
Zima di Cristina Picchi, Russia
The Black Man di Alexander Fedorov, Russia

Among the various sections of the festival, include a super focus on the Romanian New Wave with a large presence of emerging talent and a series of  “iconoclastic” films directly selected  by  Director of the Transylvanians International Film Festival (TIFF) Mihai Chirilov that well-represent the direct and raw side of the most recent Romenian cinematography that goes straight to the guts. The Focus Romania has three subsections complementary to each other with 14 amazing short films that make a its very own section of the festival. The Focus Romania arises  in the line of dialogue with the Maremmian’s Romanian community now perfectly integrated with the Capalbio territory.

Best of Romania
Superman, Spiderman sau Batman di Tudor Giurgiu
Bucaresti – Wien di Catalin Mitulescu
Crossing di Catalin Leescu
Bric Brac di Gabriel Achim
Poveste la Sacra “C” di Cristian Nemescu

From Transilvanian Film Festival (TFF)
Pastila Fericirii di Cecilia Felmeri
Tatal Nostru di Sergiu Lupse
Bad Penny di Andrei Cretulescu
12 Minutes di Nicolae Constantin Tănase
Plimbare di Mihaela Popescu

The Romanian New Wave
Curated in collaboration with the Romanian Film Promotion, this subsection proposes the most award-winning short films made by directors who have become the symbol of the rebirth of the Romanian cinema in the 2000s.

Un Cartus de Kent si un Pachet de Cafea di Cristi Puiu
Megatron di Marian Crisan
Trafic di Catalin Mitulescu 
Valuri di Adrian Sitaru

Web series
From this year Capalbio opens new frontiers of the web-series forming an alliance with Rome Web Fest. This is the first official Italian Festival of the web series that promotes a model of reconciliation between traditional film market, new authors and young productions thatare using the web as a productive and distributing channel in a perspective of a cinem,a more in line with the new trends of the network.

Under by Ivan Silvestrini
It is the story of six rebels who must confront the behest of Provisional Authority that controls the country. Ispired to  Hunger Games, it is entirely set in Italy, in 2025, when the Provisional Authority manages the revolts of the population through violence and repression.

Esami (Exams) by Edoardo Ferrario
A series of sketch tells of the difficulties of those who must pass an exam university and its absurd forms. It starts with an exam to go to show the contradictions, foibles, vices and sometimes “horrors” of the academic world.

Preti (Priest)  by Astutillo Smeriglia
A young intern, devoid of vocation, questions of faith confronting a pastor, his spiritual master. The latter will be questioned on many aspects of the “Catholic faith,” which will highlight the contradictions, and will be forced to respond through clichés and phrases without logical sense.

Freelance Sì, Coglione No (Freelance Yes, Dumb No) dby Zero
A “pirate” campaign for the protection of creative workers in Italy.

Soma, La Serie by Davide Devenuto, Fabio Paladini, Dario Sardelli and Francesco Vitiello
A photographer returns from a business trip in South America carrying within himself, without knowing it, the contagion of “something” that will accomplish what you never wanted. His desperate getaway soon turns into a relentless manhunt. But how can a shabby police officer handcuff the almighty power of Mother Nature?

Stuck – The Chronicles of David Rea by Ivan Silvestrini
There are people who remain locked. They always choose the time to be weak, because they admit their limitations is very relaxing. But the truth is that we define our limits. When we can no longer respond to any of the questions we ask, what happens to us? We remain locked. And it is then that we need David Rea.

Lost in Google – The Jackal by Francesco Capaldo, Simone Russo and Alfredo Felaco
On a quiet day of work at the site “The Jackal”, the webstar Ruzzo Simon and his colleague Proxy decide to look for their names on the internet game. When Proxy asks Simon if he ever tried to search for “Google” on Google, he can not resist the temptation.

Forse sono Io (Maybe I am) by Vincenzo Alfieri
Michele Honey, Mike said, is a young actor with little success that only goes from one audition to another, in search of his big break. Despite trying desperately to fall in love, having been cursed by a five year old girl when he was younger certainly does not help. In fact, Mike not only falls in love, but it is intended to meet women completely crazy.

This and much more in the 4 days of the Festival, with prestigeous guests and inspiring talks, premieres and screenings of films restored and representative of the RI/GENERATION the guiding theme of the Festival and a real challenge for the cinema of tomorrow.

(Cover picture: Houses with Small Windows by Bülent Öztürk, Turkey)

Tommaso Fagioli

Tommaso Fagioli

Tommaso Fagioli

Founder @ Good Short Films. Fond of great stories, great thinkers, great food. My motto is: your motto.

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