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FOCUS ON: Tamar Rudoy

Interview with the Israeli director of Daughter of the Bride, premiered at Cannes 2016 Directors' Fortnight


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Daughter of the Bride premiered at Cannes 2016 Directors’ Fortnight. Written by Timna Rose Perez and directed by Tamar Rudoy, the short film explores femininity through the encounter between Tirza , 26, and an older make-up artist, able to pierce Tirza’s claustrophobic world. A reflection on women’s image and the reality of being daughters.

Are you both filmmakers, or Timna is a writer? Timna is Titi in the film: How did you meet and when did you decide to work together?
We’re both filmmakers, we met at Minshar School of Art, and from the first day of school we became good friends, we shared the passion and vision of filmmaking and collaborated since day 1. Timna produced my graduation film Capture and I was the art director for Timna’s graduation film. Timna is the writer and the leading actress as Tirza (Titi is her nickname at the bathroom scene). We produced Daughter of the Bride together in a belief that we should not wait for funds and we were inspired by John Cassavetes filmmaking, that’s why we dedicated this film to him.

How did you choose your DOP?
We chose to work with Ehoud Eitan, a good friend from Minshar, as we worked with him before on few projects and we have the same language, we knew we can go on this adventure with Ehoud.

Where were you when you got the news you have been selected at Cannes?
Actually I was working in Jerusalem when I got the news… I immediately called Timna, she was in Tel Aviv in the middle of the street and we were quite shocked and of course super happy. We were the producers, so we had to set a deadline soon to finish the film. Cannes submission was a proper date and we had it on time by few minutes before the deadline was closed.

How would you describe the relationship between the make up artist (shop assistant) and Titi?
Tirza enters the shop defensively as she deals with her feminine image, she is embarassed of her dark circles and she has never been taught how the cover it up. When Tirza feels she can trust her, she finds compassion and motherly warmth in this stranger. That’s why she’s going back to the shop after her mother’s wedding, she is looking for the warm touch and being taken care.

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Do you think Titi is in conflict with her femininity? With her adulthood? Simply with herself?
Well, she doesn’t think about her appearance and rather not been shown. It makes her feel uncomfortable, for example when she walks down the street dressing up and wearing makeup, a man is looking on her in a way she wants to disappear. She longs for someone to look at her and see her, no matter how she looks like.

Do you have any favourite misfits in literature or films?
The list is endless, but one film that we talk through a lot during the Daughter of the Bride was Only Lovers Left Alive by Jim Jarmusch. Especially during the music process. We wanted to complete Tirza’s feeling by following her with music elements that will give her compassion.

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Why did you decide you want to tell/write/film stories (if you did…)?
I don’t think there was a moment we decided we wanted to tell stories, as kids we used to write and read a lot.

Your next projects?
Timna is now working on a script for a feature film. I’m working on a documentary taking place in Germany.

Watch Capture:

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