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Short Film Day: beautiful shorts in the shortest day of the year.

Thanks to the Italian Short Film Centre the national short film scene stands out at the Short Film Day with a wide and quality selection.


On December 21, the shortest day of the year, 22 Italian cities and 17 internationals celebrated the short film art with the Short Film Day, a successful initiative born in France in 2011 by Centre National de la Cinématographie et de l’Image Animée which has spread rapidly throughout Europe and today including more than fifty countries worldwide. The idea is to offer a window on the world of shorts to the general public and make it for one day the protagonist of the seventh’s art.

At the Short Film Day 2015, the Italian Short Film Centre has implemented a program of contemporary Italian short films that was screened in many Italian cities and, thanks to the network of Italian Cultural Institutes, in 19 cities around the world, from Lisbon in Shanghai, from Sao Paulo to Addis Ababa.

At this program were added, only to the Italian public, 6 films for children. The program was developed in collaboration with the network of European agencies of the short film, Short Circuit.

It is the first time that the Italian short films get so massively out of national borders with a program of 90′ that intends to be a small window on the emergent Italian cinema. The selection brought together showcases a variety of film genres, from comedy to drama to animation. Some of them have been circulating widely in festivals, others are previews. All films can be considered suitable for a general public that, for once, will be able to access movies that would normally be seen only in the programs of specialized festivals.

All short films presented HERE.

This initiative confirms the commitment of the Italian Short Film Centre, and of its ambitious director Jacopo Chessa, to promote, disseminate and strengthen the Italian”short” product in the world. An important step with important both commercial and artistic implications. By comparing with other international short film industries, often very competitive, can only do good to our young authors prompting them to risk more with a format which is relatively free and experimental by nature.

Italian Short Film Day is realized with the contribution of:
Direzione Generale Cinema – MiBACT
Regione Piemonte
Fondazione Cassa di Risparmio di Torino

In collaboration with:
Accademia del cinema italiano – Premi David di Donatello
Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia – Dip. Animazione, sede del Piemonte
Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia – Production
Sindacato Nazionale Critici Cinematografici Italiani
Sindacato Nazionale Giornalisti Cinematografici Italiani

Tommaso Fagioli

Tommaso Fagioli

Tommaso Fagioli

Founder @ Good Short Films. Fond of great stories, great thinkers, great food. My motto is: your motto.

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