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Box Room – by Michael Lathrop

Thanks God, there is Mom!

15 – 20 | 2014 | Horror | Ireland | Solitude | Teenager

Jerry lives with his young mother, who is too busy enjoing her life rather than going after an introvert teenager. She goes outside every night and comes home with guys almost the same age of her son, while Jerry spends his time building family clay dioramas. His room is a pod and he shut himself self up in there. This doesn’t help him in keeping the world outside, a world that however reaches him in the form of his mom moans.

Jerry’s life is not easy. It’s that time when every boy is a slave of his hormons, overwhelmed by an unsatisfied sexual desire. One night, call it fate or call it luck, he discovers something hiding beyond his room’s wall.


Director Michael Lathrop and producer David Lester Mooney have given life to something deeply disturbing which is clearly inspired by Providence’s loner, making one of the best done variation of the Lovecraft poetry seen so far. Visually explicit, Box Room is for Freudian psicology what honey pot is for Winnie the Pooh. Scissors, castration, mirror, Oedipus, bad birth: it’s so full of archetypes that will make your trusted psicologist drool.


Filth and moist of cronenberghian memories can’t be missed. Lymph and blood dripping from the walls are just a lubrificant useful to put into reality what is hiding under wall paper, a twisted fantasy or a sleeper pervesion that can crack and shake walls. Horror has its nest between domestic walls; the last solidity and security fortress has failed. The short seems to sugges that even desperate situations can be overtaken because mommy can fix everything.

Premiered at SXSW 2014 and screened at major film festivals around the world including Winterthur and Cork, Box Room is essentially a manly movie, which will dearly recall in every boys’ mind the lonely nights spent in their bedrooms. We just hope that you have had a better ending.

Luca Luisa

Luca Luisa

Amo il brutto perchè stimola la creatività. Mi piace scavare e scoprire tesori nascosti. Quando posso, provo a passare dall’altra parte dello schermo e con i miei compagni di Visceravisions creo incubi. Mangio carta stampata e non mi piace il pop.

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