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Alien Attack from the Interspace – by Alessio Gonnella

Sci-fi in Italy is possible, but... How can the trumpet save us all?

20 – 25 | 2014 | Apocalypse | Dark Comedy | Dystopia | Italy

Sci-fi in Italy is possible. Thinking about Italian cinematographic difficulties to approach this genre, it seems just an oxymoron. An even bigger paradox if applied to the short films context where limits of budget cause a sort of inhibition to explore this genre. Fortunately enough, exceptions exist as in the case of Alien Attack from the Interspace by Alessio Gonnella.

A fortunate work in all the possible meanings of this adjective. Fortunate for its productive history, since it counts in the cast the well known Italian actor Roberto Herlitzka, recruited by the director through manuscripted letters; fortunate for its reception, since it was screened in the Short Film Corner selection of 2014 Cannes Film Festival. Fortunate, finally, for its qualitative component, since it condenses the good premises into a coherent final product.

As we already suggested, Alien Attack from the Interspace is a sci-fi short film that confornts itself with the problematics of the genre, integrating it into a poetic that echoes grotesque and dystopic tones typical of the Spanish and Italian movies (see Marco Ferreri). Lingering, even too much sometimes, on cinematographic references, Gonnella proposes a vision that brings the residual human component that can arise even in the semi-apocalyptic world, mean and violent. Premises that recall The Rover by David Michôd, without, however, being developed by the incommunicability of the Australian director; on the contrary, they resolve in a big laugh filled by human sarcasm. After all, who wouldn’t laugh if the President would announce that the alien attack can be beaten just with the sound of a trumpet?

Francesco Bozzi

Francesco Bozzi

Nato nel 1989, mi sono laureato in Letterature comparate alla Utrecht University nel 2015 ma, fuggendo l’accademia, cerco di scrivere del cinema che guardo, dello sport che seguo, e della muscia che sento.

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