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Chop My Money – by Theo Anthony

This world is not the world: a day in the life of three street kids in the Eastern Congo

10 – 15 | 2015 | Childhood | Documentary | USA | War

Patient, the protagonist of Chop My Money, short doc directed by Theo Anthony, lives in Goma, Congo. In Congo there is a cruel war and Patient and his friends auto-proclaimed themselves as gangsters of their devastated city. They spend their days smoking weed, stealing and getting drunk, and dancing Michael Jackson’s song till passing out. Patient’s mother died in war and he became the “Bill Gates Congo Man”. He’s 12 years old top but he sustains he only deal with “the big deals.”

Patient and his two friends live their lives to the limit, they go to school everyday from half past seven to one o’clock but after that they live in the streets of which they want to be the bosses. They live like that just because they don’t know other ways to do that, with the full consciousness the world they’re living in is empty and that is not (or it not should be) the real one.

Chop My Money premiered at the 2014 Toronto International Film Festival and was awarded Best Short Fiction Film at 2015 CIMMFest of Chicago. This strong and sensitive short is a bit of a documentary and a bit of a music video, due to the original score by Alex Zhang Hungtai of Dirty BeachesChop My Money is a film about survival, a raw and primitive survival. Theo Anthony mixes a strong esthethics with a ruthlessly honest voice over, creating a product that gives us a bitter-sweet point of view, the only one possibile for a kid who faces everyday the struggle of fighting with every weapon in his will in a city destroyed by war.

Chop My Money seems a hip-hop music video but at the same time shows us in a sincere and sheer way the other side of coin of the armed fight.

Anita Vicenzi

Anita Vicenzi

Vivo tra piante grasse, fumetti e Polaroid. L’unica cosa che mi divide da Alex Turner è il piatto di tortellini in brodo che mangio a letto mentre guardo The Walking Dead. Faccio la speaker a Radio M**Bun.


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