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Goat Witch

From the creators of 'The Demon's Rook' comes Emelin & Gloria's ancient ritual: witches, demons, and deities during a full lunar eclipse…

10 – 15 | 2014 | Horror | Supernatural | USA

Weird things happen in the woods of Georgia. For example, coming across the occult universe of James Sizemore and The Black Riders, a group of shady college friends dedicated to the appreciation of cryptozoology, veganism, metal, mythology, and art. Don’t call them Satanists as they’re just deeply involved in painting, drawing, sculpture, makeup (just check the family Sizemore Studios), and horror movies, of course.

The result is the short Goat Witch, set in this fantastical world and moulding the horror clay into the shape of a dark psychedelic experience. Emelin (Ashleigh Jo Sizemore, wife of James) and Gloria (Maia Costello) perform an ancient ritual during a full lunar eclipse. The Drummer, the Elders, the Witness and the Witch – the demigod Yomowen materializes the Dark Womb, an underworld in which wild creatures and monstrous nightmares reside. Emelin’s transformation is finally accomplished, a terrifying She-Demon appears. Ready to accept a new life that grows in her womb, from the primordial fire comes the Goat, maternal animal and symbol of nurturing and growth.

Horror is an affair of politics and style. Looking at the past, Sizemore has a psychotronic, hallucinated and lysergic approach. He leaves characters and storytelling behind and invents his mythology and own language (the Gaorokish), fills all with stunning jaw-dropping practical effects, production design, makeup and mask-making. As for his first feature, The Demon’s Rook, he ends up telling creepy rites of passage and self-feeds of the bloodshed. The score, performed by Aaron Hendrickson, is absolutely phenomenal: drone doom riffs, strident violins, and heavy psych soundscapes go with the ritual flow. In the name of Gaorok, Gahera, and Oorsabus Atroxz.

Goat Witch screened at Austin Fantastic Fest, Montreal Fantasia, Sitges Film Festival, and Porto Alegre Fantaspoa. Sizemore and his buddy Tim Reis are currently working on their second step, the feature Bad Blood (horrorific sci-fi with werewolves and amphibious mutations), and on the project Rite of the Witch Goddess. Ravenous!

Alessandro Zoppo

Alessandro Zoppo

Alessandro Zoppo

Editor-in-Chief @ Good Short Films

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