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We Will Live Again

Stripped of their blood, filled with antifreeze liquid, and frozen: a looks inside the unusual and extraordinary operations of the Cryonics Institute.

10 – 15 | 2013 | Commentaire | Documentary | Loss | USA

We Will Live Again is a mesmerising shortdoc following Cryonics Institut’s CEO Ben Best and Andy Zawacki, the caretakers of 99 deceased human bodies stored at below freezing temperatures in cryopreservation. The vast majority of the “frozen” are people with currently incurable diseases and who are hoping to be awakened in 50 or 200 years, when medicine will find a cure and, above all, will have figured out how to awaken from cryogenic state. Consider that the Cryonics Institute is one of the few of its kind that keeps the entire body of his “clients” (usually only the heads are forzen) with a not prohibitive cost of $ 30,000.

The Institute and Cryonics Movement were founded by Robert Ettinger who, in his nineties and long retired from running the facility, still self-publishes books on cryonics, awaiting the end of his life and eagerly anticipating the next.

The idea of such documentary came up to directors Josh Koury and Myles Kane after reading about the Cryonics Institute through a story published in The New Yorker. With a mix of traditional hand-held documentary-style camera work and some truly enthralling close-ups of liquid nitrogen passing over human flesh, Koury and Kane provide intimate access to a world only dreamed about in science fiction.

Yet, given that these people can really be awakened in the future, what will they see? How will they adapt to infinitely changed scenarios? What kind lonely wonder mixed with horror will they experience?

Josh Koury and Myles Kane co-founded the Brooklyn Underground Film Festival. Their film credits include the TFF-selected documentary feature Journey to Planet X, which will has been released as an Epix Original Documentary. Koury teaches at the Pratt Institute and Kane is director of media production at NewYorker.com.

Tommaso Fagioli

Tommaso Fagioli

Tommaso Fagioli

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