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Online Premiere: Il Fischietto (The Whistle)

The story of a little girl facing a traumatic event and her personal way of acceptance.

10 – 15 | 2012 | Drama | Grief | Italy | Live-Action

Il Fischietto (The Whistle) is the debut shortfilm by Roman director Lamberto Sanfelice, produced by ANG Film in collaboration with Asmara Films, who’s premiering today at the Sundance Film Festival his first feature film Cloro (Chlorine), with the same producers, the only Italian presence at the event, and soon in Berlin.

This short narrates in an original and delicate manner the mourning of a young girl, Giulia, who has recently lost both her parents and her beloved dog Elliott. Giulia is immersed in an her imaginary world made ​​of visions, little words and repeated gestures as ways to escape the pain that grips her heart.

Sanfelice decides to exorcise the pain of the little girl by putting it in relation with the nature, the farm, the fields of lavender,  seemingly infinite, unspoiled and remote places where she can indulge and find some comfort. And Julia’s whistle becomes a small object of conjunction, an imaginary line between life and death, something that makes her feel the presence of her loved ones and Elliott, now his imaginary friend. Life ends, but memories save visions and objects that build a little world where one can find refuge.

Andreina Di Sanzo

Tommaso Fagioli

Tommaso Fagioli

Founder @ Good Short Films. Fond of great stories, great thinkers, great food. My motto is: your motto.

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