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Online Preview: The Snake

A night chase where "nothing is as it seems", in this award-winning Italian thriller.

10 – 15 | Crime | Italy | Live-Action | Thriller | 2014

/// The Online Preview has ended, but you can still watch the trailer and read the review ///

How many times have you imagined that someone is stalking or spying you? In an empty square at night, in the underground parking lot of a shopping mall, at home, at dawn, a strange noise in the living room. Or in the street, a car seems to be following you, at a safe distance, but approaching closer and closer… From this last image takes inspiration The Snake, Italian short entirely shot in Sutri, an ancient city in the centre of Italy, which stages, with some variation, what appears to be – say the authors – an “urban legend” that has been going on for some years in the US.

The story: after a long talk with a regular customer, Marta, the protagonist of the short, finally ends her shift and goes back home. Her journey is interrupted, however, by a fallen tree in the middle of the road, which forces her to get off the car to remove it. As she finishes the task , a car appears behind her. It seems to be chasing her. Marta does not know what to think, and gradually panics. Thus begins a long chase full of tension.

The entire short revolves around the idea that “nothing is ever as it seems”. This statement is suggested at the beginning by the client of the bar who tells the story of an acquaintance unaware of the danger she was in, when she was not able to ‘read’ the strange behaviour of the snake left to her form the former husband. We don’t reveal any further to not spoil the surprise…

The short film, a “low budget” but beautifully shot production (nice cinematography), has its strong point in the script, that applies Hitchcock’s rules of suspense: when the viewer is informed of the real danger looming over the protagonist, the tension is maintained at the highest level for the whole duration of the film, in this night tale of fear and misunderstandings. The two narrative levels work fine, thanks to a dynamic direction, and a brilliant cast capable of making all the characters believable and natural. The result is a compelling story, quite anomalous in the Italian short film scene, which rarely engages in the thriller genre.

The Snake is the first short film directed by the Nicola Prosatore, written by Carlo Salsa with Prosatore, and produced by  Briciola.tv, a production company based in Rome that focuses in advertising and content for television and the web, with particular attention to the most recent languages (branded-content). Selected in many Italian and international festivals, and winner of a few awards, the short features an important cast, including Cesare Bocci (“Montalbano”) and Francesco di Leva, nominated for the David di Donatello for “Una vita tranquilla”, Giovanni Ludeno and Antonia Truppo, theatre, cinema and TV acctress (“La Squadra”). The soundtrack was composed by the Roman band Thegiornalisti.


Thriller! Chiller! Film Festival  / Michigan / U.S.A. – 22/25 October 2014.

Best Short Award ***

Best Thrill Award ***

Maremetraggio International Shorts Film Festival / Trieste / Italy – 01/05 July 2014.

Best Editing (A.M.C.) Award ***

Rome Creative Contest / Rome / Italy – 14/28 October 2014.

Best Cinematography Award ***

Sedicicorto / Forlì / Italy – 13/11 October 2014.

Special Mention Cortitalia ***

Flavia Ferrucci, Tommaso Fagioli

Tommaso Fagioli

Tommaso Fagioli

Founder @ Good Short Films. Fond of great stories, great thinkers, great food. My motto is: your motto.

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