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Online Premiere: Jung – by Munseong Yun

Two South Korean warriors, divided between friendship and rivalry.

2015 | 5 - 10 | Adventure | Drama | Friendship

When you watch Jung you suddenly have the feeling that you are in a different world, where the time has stopped in a previous era, parallel to our own and populated by mythical creatures and heroes. And it’s about two supernatural characters that the young South Korean director, Munseong Yun, born in 1994 (yup), student at the Seoul Institute of the Arts, has decided to tell.

Jung shows two rivals ready to fight on a battlefield, which is so calm to be in contrast with the tension between the young enemies, since they are engaged in a verbal confrontation. The final round seems to be not so far. The two really appear as the have been fighting before, and the are bringing the marks of those clashes all over their bodies, covered with arrows. But this seems to don’t bother them at all, increasing the curiosity of the observer, who immediately starts to wonder what kind of past lies behind the protagonists.

The flawless cinematography, the rhythm of the lines and the rapid camera movements put Jung at the same level of a complete feature film. Then, the soundtrack enriches every scene, filled with a sense of honor, respect and mystery. Truly irresistible to fans of this genre.

Marta Zannoner

Marta Zannoner

Aspirante scrittrice, osservo la realtà spesso distrattamente. Per questo ricorro ai film, per prestare attenzione.

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