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Online Preview: Where Were You When Michael Jackson Died?

Paris, a few days after the death of the King of Pop. An encounter in the back of a taxi shakes up the lives of two strangers.

10 – 15 | 2014 | City Life | France | Live-Action | Romance

The online preview is ended. You can still watch the trailer and read the review!

A brief encounter between two strangers. Sharing little moments with strangers is something that happens regularly: most of the time they go unnoticed but they can also leave a deep impression.

This is what happens to the protagonists of T’étais où quand Michael Jackson est mort?, a man and a woman in Paris whose names we don’t know, they’re just an him and an her whose lives collide by accident in a cold winter evening. It all stems from a misunderstanding, as she is convinced that the man is following her – in fact, they are simply both going in the same direction. Following some arguments over a taxi, the two will be forced to share a ride, which will spark a special harmony between them. “Where were you when Michael Jackson died?“: a simple phrase to break the ice, a way to find a common ground in the shadow of an event that in one way or another has affected all of us. We won’t find out the answer, but the two will embark on an open eyes fantasy that will lead them to imagine a future erotic encounter (and the disastrous consequences that it may have on their lives). This exchange of ideas about how things could develop makes their different personalities emerge, uncovering emotions and perhaps unexpected weaknesses. The only interference in this conversation is the constant  intrusion of the taxi driver, inappropriate and annoying, which adds a bizzarre comic element in this spoken sexual fantasy.

Perfectly acted and shot in an intimate way, this short film gives a short and pleasant foray into the lives of two strangers lost in and semi-deserted Paris. Both protagonists of the short, Elodie Navarre and Denis Menochet, are very famous TV and film actors in France. Menochet is known to international audiences for his portrayal of the farmer suspected of harboring Jews in Quentin Tarantino’s Inglorious Basterds.

T’étais où quand Michael Jackson est mort? is the first short film by Jean Baptiste Pouilloux, and has been selected in many international festivals such as Clermont-Ferrand and has just won the Re/Generation Award at the Capalbio Festival, an award that leads to a two weeks artist residency to work on a subject and a screenplay for a feature film.

Flavia Ferrucci

Flavia Ferrucci

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