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Kung Fury

A cop martial arts expert is sent back in time to defeat Hitler...

2015 | 25 - 30 | Adventure | Special FX | Sweden | Time Travel

[by Andrea Bianciardi per Taxi Drivers]

Kung Fury is a medium-length film (30 ‘), written and directed by the young Swede David Sandberg. In the film you will find: arcade games that come to life and spread fear in cities, dinosaurs, Nazis, Vikings, Norse gods and a policeman with the superpowers of Kung Fu called Kung Fury. All this is accompanied by an aesthetic that recalls eighties acrtion movies and their “exotic” locations: Miami in the 80s, Asgard and Nazi Germany.

Kung Fury has been realized thanks to a fundraising campaign on Kickstarter platform: people from all over the world have contributed (some more, some less) by donating a small amount of money. Eventually they were collected more than $600.000 dollars.

Synopsis: In 1985, a detective in Miami during a police action is suddenly struck by lightning and, following a series of visions, receives the powers of Kung Fu and realizes he is “The Chosen One“: the strongest martial artist in the world to become the Kung Fury. Meanwhile, Adolf Hitler, aka Kung Führer, travels through time and reaches the Miami 80s and starts to slaughter. With the help of the greatest hacker of all time (known as Hackerman) Kung Fury can travel through time with the intent to reach the Nazi Germany and kill Hitler. A technical problem, however, makes him reach “the Vicking Age” (does anyone know what is “the era of the Vikings”?) where he is welcomed by a laser-raptor: a velociraptor that shoots laser beams from his eyes !). Later, with the help of the beautiful Viking Barbarianna and Katana and the Norse god Thor, Kung Fury manages to reach the Nazi Germany and, with the help of his new friends (the merry band also includes a T-Rex and Triceracop, the triceratops policeman: Kung Fury’s new partner), defeats the fearsome Kung Führer and his army of Nazis forever … Or maybe not?

Kung Fury is one of the most successful absurd films of all time (taking into account a not very high budget).

The film features special effects of excellent workmanship and a very credible computer graphics that allowed the director to shot 90% of the film in his office with the massive use of greenscreen. The soundtrack of the film is sung by the great David Hasselhoff.

Dialogues that mimic Tarantino’s style, fighting beyond physics, dinosaurs-cop, Viking armed with machine guns, dinosaurs that shoot laser beams from the eyes and epic jokes as “Tank you” and down to squashing Nazis with heavy tanks.

Kung Fury was selected to the Quinzaine des Réalisateurs (Directors’ Fortnight in Cannes), where it was world premiered on May 22. Thursday, May 28, however, the film was released in full on the You Tube channel of the production company Laser Unicorns and has already become viral: over 10 million views in less than four days!

Tommaso Fagioli

Tommaso Fagioli

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