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Citizen versus Kane

When death arrives on the set of a low-budget "Citizen Kane" remake, what's there to do to save the production?

15 – 20 | 2009 | Backstage | Black Comedy | France | Live-Action

An independent filmmaker’s ambitious project of  remaking Citizen Kane in a modern-day setting has finally took off. As it often happens, the only way to grant funding for this film was to attach a famous name to it. The star in question, though, is an old-time glory fallen out of grace due to alcoholism issues. The actor’s difficulty in remembering his lines and his arrogance create endless friction with the director and the producers, resulting in a crescendo of tension… until the final catastrophe. What’s to do when the lead of your film suddenly dies on set? It’ll be on the producer to put a remedy to this tragedy, trying to get by as he can.
Shaun Severi is an experienced commercial and shorts director, so he is very familiar with the problems and accidents that regularly plague film sets, and Citizen versus Kane is his hyperbolic and ironic tribute to all those mishaps. Halfway between Weekend at Bernie’s and a serious behind the scenes featurette , well written and featuring great performances, the film has made its way around the festival circuit, winning a special prize at Clermont-Ferrand.


Flavia Ferrucci

Flavia Ferrucci

Flavia Ferrucci

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