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97% – by Ben Brand

Bert's race against time to find the match of his life among the subway cars.

2015 | 5 - 10 | Comedy | Communication | Live-Action | Netherlands

97% is a short written and directed by the young Dutch director Ben Brand, that explores our emotional dependency on technology. Bert wanders through the cars of the subway looking for the perfect match which is supposed to be at 25 metres far from himself, according to his smartphone. He must hurry up, because his stop is approaching. Will he bump into his soul mate or will he miss his match forever?

97% is a farsighted work as it was written in 2011, when Tinder, Happn and Grinder weren’t as diffused as today. The message underling the short centres around the impact of the new technologies on the interpersonal communication. This issue, often abused in the most recent storytelling, takes in this story a simple and immediate shape and for this reason it becomes dramatically touching. The rythm of narration is supported by shy smiles and missing gazes between passengers that seem to have lost their true human dimension – maybe surviving in the remaing 3%.

As the director said several times, it was not easy to film the short in a public place as the subway. After endless negotiations with the director of the Amsterdam transport department, Brand and his team have managed to find an agreement for shooting inside the cars. But one week before the shooting they were informed that thay could only take 7 people in. So they decided to give a daypass to other 30 people covertly. If someone would have asked them what they were doing, they would have said: “home”. Three nights and 5.000 euros of budget to realize this 8-minutes short that has been the Dutch nomination for the Oscars 2014. 97% has also been selected for more than 70 film festivals around the world and won several awards.

Francesca Bianchini

Francesca Bianchini

Lucana di origini e romana per scelta, dopo la laurea mi sono formata in uno dei principali gruppi Pay TV europei. Attualmente sono consulente per uno studio legale specializzato in media, entertainment e nuove tecnologie.
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