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Fear of Flying

It's time to migrate south, but Dougal is afraid of flying. The tragicomic adventure of a bird and its phobias.

2012 | 5 - 10 | Animation | Comedy | Fear | Ireland

It looks like Stop-Motion, but it isn’t.  Combining puppetry and 2D and 3D animation, director Conor Finnegan has created one of the most original and popular short films in recent years. A careful attention to detail makes sure that the style and movements appear fluid and natural, despite the mixed use of very different techniques. The film follows the tragicomic adventure of Dougal, a birch which, ironically, is afraid of flying. Bizarre and awkward, our protagonist wouldn’t feel out of place in an american indie comedy, and captures our sympathy since the very first shot. His nights are disturbed by falling-into-the-ground nightmares and by daylight he just prefers to walk to wherever he’s going to, with his little legs anchored to the ground. Everything would be fine, except that winter is coming and it’s time to migrate towards warmer places. Even when a series of misadventures will make it impossible for Dougal to stay (and the call of his loved one will become increasingly strong), our hero won’t be able to overcome his fear, but he’ll manage to find alternative solutions.

Flavia Ferrucci

Flavia Ferrucci

Flavia Ferrucci

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