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Holiday Fear – by Nicholas Payne Santos

The last 3 minutes and 50 seconds of a slasher movie: who has the balls to kill Bad Santa?

0 – 5 | 2017 | Comedy | Horror | Live-Action | USA

The last 3 minutes and 50 seconds of a slasher movie. The girl encounters one more time the killer dressed as Santa and shots him one more time. Is the psychopath really dead? The boyfriend, Bruce, attempts to reclaim his manliness and impress her by finishing off the bad guy.

Produced by BullMoose Pictures, Holiday Fear by Nicholas Payne Santos is a funny and fresh short film. This short is actually a stab at a horror spoof containing funny scenes, smart dialogues, and – above all – a critical approach to male-driven stories in films. “At the end of September 2016, I sat down to write a script like no other I’d written before: a feel-good romantic comedy,” Payne Santos stated.

By Halloween, the screenplay had morphed into a meta-horror-comedy about machismo in film. Not exactly what I set out to write, but a story that spoke to me, nonetheless. As a kid, my friends and I had movie marathons every weekend, renting VHS tapes from the local Blockbuster’s horror section. Holiday Fear picks up at the very end of a typical Slasher movie, where the killer is seemingly dead, but wakes up with a vengeance just as the heroes thought they were safe. The film takes on what it means to be a man in a relationship while poking fun at the genre that I love.

Selected at the most important and influential horror film festivals as Fantasia International Film Festival (Canada) and Telluride Horror Show, Holiday Fear has a powerful Carpenter-esque score written and played by Christopher Marti, best known as Cosmic Monster. Watch till the end of the credits. Could that be a tease for Holiday Fear 2?

Alessandro Zoppo

Alessandro Zoppo

Editor-in-Chief @ Good Short Films

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