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Don’t Forget My Words – by Riccardo Rabacchi

A young man with confused ideas finds himself in a weird theatre of the absurd

5 - 10 | Comedy | Grotesque | Italy | Live-Action | Youth

The short film by the Italian director Riccardo Rabacchi carries strong echoes of a Woody Allen’s movie. This comparison may sound quite risky, but this is what you’ll think the first time you’ll watch Don’t Forget My Words. The story is very simple: a pizza-boy has to make a delivery, but he’s not prepared for what it’s going to happen.

The monologue, written by Tomaso Vimercati, perfectly represents the stream of consciousness of a young boy with confused ideas. Maybe he’s just an actor playing a different character for every time he has changed his job, but he has to pay his audience by ordering pizzas.

Listening to the story that this bizarre character tells, in our minds takes shape the idea of a young man desperately searching for his own path, to whom nothing is going in the right direction for now. Or at least until he turns 22, when an explosion of light came to enlighten his dark existence.

This is one of those shorts which is good to watch several times, due to the excellent performance by Luca Di Giovanni and the deep sense we’re trying to understand. From the desire to be a fishmonger of living fish, to the florist activity, when life hits you unexpectedly while you wait your redemption. Not to mention the fact that the whole short is accompanied by the homonymous song by Emilio Livi with the Trio Lescano: the right touch of vintage.

And you, do you ever think about little donkeys?

Marta Zannoner

Marta Zannoner

Aspirante scrittrice, osservo la realtà spesso distrattamente. Per questo ricorro ai film, per prestare attenzione.

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