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Soy negra, soy marica y soy puta – by Hugo Meijer & Cas van der Pas

A documentary about Diana Navarro, a lawyer, trade unionist and prostitute who's fighting for LGBTQ rights

20 – 25 | 2014 | Colombia | Documentary | GLBT | Work

Soy negra, soy marica y soy puta (I’m Queer, I’m Black, and I’m a Prostitute) is the debut short film by Cas van der Pas and Hugo Meijer. The directors have chosen to tell the story of Diana Navarro, an exceptional lawyer and prostitute who’s fighting for human rights.

The idea for the film started in 2012 when the filmmakers went to Colombia with a clear mission: finding someone truly inspiring and make a movie about this person’s life. In Bogotá, they found Diana. She’s is a transgender woman, prostitute, human rights activist and a LGBTQ lawyer.

Diana studied law and now she’s the Director of the Corporación Opción por el Derecho de Hacer y el Deber de Hacer. Soy negra, soy marica y soy puta traces her life, her work, her fights, a song by Whitney Houston that saved her life, but above all what’s behind Diana as a “luchadora” who never gives up. From her love for animals to her deepest feelings. Diana sacrificed everything to put the Corporación Opción as the center of her life.

“Due to the work at the Corporación – she told We Who Feel Differently – we now have tools to defend ourselves, because in Colombia, prostitution is in a state of juridical limbo. It is not legal, but it is not illegal, either. The Colombian Constitution makes reference to the right to free choice of profession and employment. Despite its being an economic activity, the second economic activity at world level in terms of generation of income, prostitution is not recognized in this country or in many other countries in Latin America, as what it is; on the contrary, it is considered a social problem.”

“The International Labor Organization has an abolitionist perspective regarding prostitution because it states that its practice does not ennoble a person. I posed a question to an ILO official: I presented him my own example: I was able to study thanks to my work as a prostitute ; I was able to collaborate with my family thanks to my work as a prostitute; I have what I have thanks to my work as a prostitute; I am who I am thanks to my work as a prostitute…then, is prostitution a dignifying work or isn’t it? Moralism is derived from the fact that we do not use the body parts that other people normally use for the practice of this work; we use our genitals. We are still tied to those Judeo-Christian concepts that refer to the morality of sex and all the abolition of pleasure for the human being”.

“The world’s biggest invention – she adds at the end of the short – is not the wheel, but it’s the stair: because you climb every stair step by step, until you reach the top and many times it’s much more satisfying to climb every stairs, than to reach the top.”

Alessandro Zoppo

Alessandro Zoppo

Editor-in-Chief @ Good Short Films

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