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A delightful short film about friendship in 50s style, seen through the innocent eyes of a child.

0 – 5 | 2013 | Animation | Drama | Friendship | UK

Amigo is the animated short film created by Texan illustrator and director Celestino Marina as his final thesis for the Bachelor of Fine Arts at the California College of the Arts in Oakland. It tells the story of a friendship between a boy and his living-imagined puppet with whom he immediately establishes a very intense bond. The two young protagonists spend the entire day together playing around and drawing until the very evening, when they lie down hugging each other in the same bed just before sleeping. A surprise awaits them in the aftermath, a prelude to a bitter end that closes this melancholic but authentic tale centered on the universal themes of encounter and separation, seen through the innocent eyes of a child.

As the author suggests, the plot of the story is slightly autobiographical and the child resembles Celestino Marina himself as a child, so the whole story may well represents his personal experience of adulthood achievement. The simple lines and the pastel colors reminiscent of the old 50s animations, a little tribute to the so-called “Golden Period of American animation” (1928-1960).

In this video Celestino talks about his experience at the CCA and its approach to the art of animation.

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Tommaso Fagioli

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