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Bum-Bum Doch’ Rybaka (Bum-Bum, The Baby of The Fisher)

A sweet and surreal tale realised by Ivan Maximov, one of the most important Russian animators, winner of the Grand Prix at Tampere Film Festival 2014.

2013 | 5 - 10 | Animation | Drama | Family | Russia

In a seaside village inhabited by animals and anthropomorphic creatures with odd, long noses, a lone fisherman carries out its daily activities, while in a nearby basket some eggs are about to hatch. In this weird world  that’s suspended in time, anything is possible, and that’s how a baby elephant is born from those eggs. Despite the fisherman’s carelessness, the little elephant will identify him as a parental figure, developing a tender attachment towards the surly man. One day, after the birth of a second baby, the fisherman disappears. The search for the lost parent will lead the two elephants into an adventure to the edge of reality. This short film was made by Ivan Maximov, one of the most important Russian animators, also known for having contributed to the first Russian gaming magazine Video-Ace Dendy (Видео-Асс Dendy) and for being the creator of the computer game Full Pipe.

The director’s style is highly recognizable, all his previous animations don’t feature any dialogue, relying on music instead, to build atmosphere and emotional depth. His works always seem to be suspended in time, both in style and setting.  Boom-boom fisher daughter is a prime example of said style. Maximov’s characters resemble humans and animals, but they’re not. The blend of familiar and surreal elements is the real strength of this short, that manages to portray universal feelings with a linear and clean narrative,  sometimes interrupted by fantastic, almost unsettling figures. The music of Russian composer  Pavel Karmanov is a perfect counterpoint to this simple, poetic story that needs no words to convey deeply human and touching emotions.

The short film just won the International Grand Prix at the 44th Tampere Film Festival, that made it automatically eligible for the Oscars 2015 (Tampere is, in fact, an Academy Award Qualifying Festival for short films). The jury has motivated the victory stating that: ”it is powerful because it is a very human and pure animated film, with a beautiful simplicity and incredibly touching and poetic images that stay in the mind for a long, long time…

Read this interview with Ivan Maximov here.

Flavia Ferrucci

Flavia Ferrucci

Flavia Ferrucci

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