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Carmen – by Giuseppe Cardaci

What happens when impossible dreams strive to come true?

0 – 5 | 2015 | Drama | Dreams | Italy | Music

A group of aspiring actresses is waiting for their audition to get the main role for the iconic opera Carmen. It’s Mrs. Frasquita’s turn and an unexpected performance breaks the atmosphere of boredom in the judges’ room. To Carmen Frasquita, indeed, this audition is like no other. What happens when impossible dreams strive to come true?

With Carmen, the young director from Catania Giuseppe Cardaci signs his first short film. Shot in the US, it is a social-themed tale that addresses the issue of deaf-mutism with poetic touch and without rhetoric. Carmen is obsessed with the idea of becoming an opera singer and obtaining the role from her favourite pièce, despite the handicap that, for its inner nature, wouldn’t allow her to live up to it. Even though her attempt is unsuccessful, it turns out to be the best possible chance.

I think that the message of the movie is that it doesn’t matter which obstacles you may encounter along your path, because when you truly believe in something, you need to go and get it! And even though someone may tell you that you won’t make it, you must carry on believing,” these few words by Courtney Taylor, leading actress of the short film, enclose the meaning of the storytelling.

We say farewell to Carmen, surrounded in red roses, symbol of the opera, under the spotlight. She’s impersonating her namesake in all of her essence. Between imagination and (self-projections?) reality, we want her to stay on that stage forever. But reality is reflected through the judges’ puzzled eyes and in her boyfriend’s, who is waiting for her to celebrate her finally achieved success.

Francesca Bianchini

Francesca Bianchini

Lucana di origini e romana per scelta, dopo la laurea mi sono formata in uno dei principali gruppi Pay TV europei. Attualmente sono consulente per uno studio legale specializzato in media, entertainment e nuove tecnologie.
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