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The lonely coming of age of a Northern Ireland's boy on his path towards self-discovery.

15 – 20 | 2008 | Drama | GLBT | Live-Action | N. Ireland

Presented at Sundance, and awarded in many international festivals, James is kind of a fragment of a coming-of-age tale, a narration on the sentimental education of a young boy from Northern Ireland.  James is lonely, doesn’t have any friends: his diversity brings him to isolate himself. The only person he feels a connection to is his literature teacher. Delicate yet very strong, this short falls into the ‘queer cinema’ genre, but there’s much more to it. The struggles of a small town boy living in a family that almost rejects him are candidly shown. There’s no moral or ethical judgment, even in the most controversial situations the boy finds himself in. The director simply shows the path of a boy who’s discovering his own homosexuality, and eventually takes the courage to open up about it with someone he saw as a friend – only to find himself alone, all over again.

Andreina Di Sanzo

Flavia Ferrucci

Flavia Ferrucci

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