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Little Shit – by Richard Gorodecky

A child's journey to discover his and London's hidden nature

10 – 15 | 2018 | Black & White | Childhood | Drama | UK

The acclaimed short film Little Shit by Richard Gorodecky has collected many awards in its festival run, including that for Best British Short at the London Short Film Festival, and is now available to watch online. Little Shit follows Paul, a young boy who spends his days wandering around his London neighbourhood by himself. Just a few opening shots are enough to establish his aggressive, impertinent attitude: he is a child who looks like trouble. But as it’s often the case, what we see on the outside is not what happens beneath the surface. A few minutes further into the story, in an unexpected corner of quiet beyond the bleak buildings that tower upon the neighbourhood, a meeting with a stranger reveals Paul’s nature to be nothing like we thought. Paul’s attitude and aggressive manners conceal the reality of a child who, at his tender age, looks after his family and worries about how his future is going to shape up.
The stark contrast of the impeccable black and white cinematography, together with the heavy lines of the Brutalist architecture of the neighbourhood, intensify the sense of loneliness and inherent vulnerability which seems to enfold all the main characters in the film. With impressively mature performances by the ensemble – in particular the young Badger Skelton in the leading role of Paul – Little Shit shines a light on a side of society that is often too quickly misjudged.
Federica Pugliese

Federica Pugliese

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