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Father – by Santiago ‘Bou’ Grasso

The flow of daily life in the shadow of dictatorship

10 – 15 | 2013 | Animation | Argentina | Drama | History

Argentina, 1983. The dictatorship just passed and the horror, by now invisible, finds a place in the inside, in the memory. A woman, whose name we don’t know, meticulously performs her daily routines: she prepares the medicines for her father, military commander, who is now an ill man confined to bed in the next room. She brings them with loving care, she eats in loneliness, she get the dishes clean. Thanks to the clock strikes we realize of the passage of time, that we otherwise would believe it static, so much it remains unchanged, minute after minute.

Through the use of the stop-motion, Father (winner of 90 awards and selected in 265 international film festivals) recreates a stifling atmosphere that it flows in daily lives. The regime there is not neither we see it and yet the contamination in the Argentinian life is absolute – the little actions of the protagonist are wrapped by an aura of oppression, the father has on his own body the consequences of the horror. The little that we see about the outside, the doves which crash to the ground, serves as the symbolic evocation of the bloodthirsty experience of the dictatorship.

The short film directed by Santiago ‘Bou’ Grasso, in its 11 minutes, rather than the narration of exemplary violence of the military government, it focuses on those indelible signs of the History on the man. The only ones that still bleed.

Francesca D'Ettorre

Francesca D'Ettorre

Scrivo di cinema e non solo. Immolare la penna al culto per l’audiovisivo è il mio atto di devozione.

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