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Sara – by Rossella Inglese

Sara's just 12 years old when she is confronted with discovering the experience of become a woman

2017 | 5 - 10 | Drama | Identity | Italy | Live-Action

Sara’s just 12 years old when she is confronted with discovering the experience of become a woman. Escorted into womanhood without a mother, she has trouble comprehending the sudden femininity with which she has to face. A memory box full of pictures from the past is the only real hub left. When she cries out her father’s name, no one’s answering. Only the forest remains, where Sara buries a part of herself – she changes parting from her past and flowering into adult life.

Sara is the short film by Rossella Inglese, directed under the supervision of Mirko Locatelli (Foreign Bodies, The First Day of Winter). Born in 1989 and graduated in Digital Filmmaking at Sae Institute, Rossella has founded with Andrea Benjamin Manenti the production company Fedra Film, an indie collective of visual artists based in Milan focusing on filmmaking, commercials and documentaries. In 2015 she directed Alternate World, featuring the music of NY producer/composer Son Lux, followed in 2016 by Vanilla, premiered at Venice International Film Critics’ Week and described as a film about “unconscious emotions such as love, attachment and sexual desire in conflict with common norms and social education.” The shocking story of a consenting sexual relationship between a girl and her father.

At the center of Rossella Inglese’s shorts we find adolescent female characters who deal with their own sexuality. The helmer writes, edits, and directs non-professional actors, whom she connects with the physical presence of her camera. As for Sara, where a cabin in the wood and that red dress get a metaphorical place where the young lead achieves her traumatic leap into the puberty.

Alessandro Zoppo

Alessandro Zoppo

Editor-in-Chief @ Good Short Films

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