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Concorto Film Festival 2019: the Italian Fefreshing Oasis of Short Films

From August 17th to 24th in Pontenure (Piacenza), in the suggestive location of Parco Raggio, the 18th edition of the event: 51 shorts in competition, focus, workshops and lots of music


Concorto Film Festival 2019 does not disappoint. The Italian event (from August 17th to August 24th in Pontenure, part of the province of Piacenza) has itself become a reference in the genre over time. The 18th edition is no exception with its impressive numbers: 51 short films in competition, 2 geographical focuses (Russia and Portugal),…


Distortion – by Grégory Papinutto

A weird, disturbing and terrifying slasher about mind-altering mutations

10 – 15 | 2018 | France | Horror | Live-Action | Madness

Distortion by Grégory Papinutto is a solemn story of an ambitious struggle to survive. The French writer/director has crafted a slasher and terrifying tale of paranoia, mind-warping effects, and identity. This short film, about an evil friendship, sees a group of childhood friends who descend on an old abandoned house to party hard. When the…


Albatross Soup – by Winnie Cheung

A psychedelic animation that explores the creative thinking generated by a famous riddle

2018 | 5 - 10 | Animation | Dreams | Fantasy | USA

“A man walks off a boat. He walks into a restaurant, orders the Albatross soup. He takes a bite, pulls out a gun, and kills himself. Why did the man kill himself?” If you have heard of this riddle before, you’ll also know that the answer is not straightforward, and requires a certain dose of…


Soy negra, soy marica y soy puta – by Hugo Meijer & Cas van der Pas

A documentary about Diana Navarro, a lawyer, trade unionist and prostitute who's fighting for LGBTQ rights

20 – 25 | 2014 | Colombia | Documentary | GLBT | Work

Soy negra, soy marica y soy puta (I’m Queer, I’m Black, and I’m a Prostitute) is the debut short film by Cas van der Pas and Hugo Meijer. The directors have chosen to tell the story of Diana Navarro, an exceptional lawyer and prostitute who’s fighting for human rights. The idea for the film started…


Wolf Call – by Ramey Newell

A short doc following the work done by wolf caretaker and award-winning photographer John Ramer

2018 | 5 - 10 | Documentary | Man and Nature | Observational | USA

Wolf Call is the new short film directed and produced by filmmaker, multidisciplinary artist, photographer, and graphic designer Ramey Newell. This documentary follows the work done by wolf caretaker and award-winning photographer John Ramer. He has worked in animal sanctuaries most of his adult life, often without pay, and feels this is his life’s calling.…

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