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Cannes Court Métrage 2019: The Short Films Selection

A look at the 11 short films competing for the prestigious Palme d'Or and the 17 films from the Cinéfondation


The 72nd Cannes Film Festival has announced the lineup of Cannes Court Métrage 2019. The programme features 11 short films (9 works of fictions, 1 documentary and 1 animation), from Albania, Argentina, France, Finland, Greece, Israel, Ukraine, Sweden and USA. The selection committee has viewed 4240 shorts. High-profile films in the lineup include The Nap…


Blue Screen – by Riccardo Bolo & Alessandro Arfuso

A documentary directed by the android filmmaker Mk3, found in an old VHS cassette, tells the rebellion of the robots against human domination

15 – 20 | 2017 | Archive Footage | Dystopia | Italy | Sci-Fi

“If the images of the present don’t change, then change the images of the past.” Blue Screen opens with this thrilling and prophetic quote from Chris Marker and yes, this is an exciting example of dystopian sci-fi made in Italy. Directors Riccardo Bolo and Alessandro Arfuso have used archival & found footage: this short was…


MiMo – Milano Mobile Film Festival: How to Make a Short on Your Smartphone

The second edition of the mobile festival will end on June 8-9 and the winners will be awarded with... a personalized plant!


MiMo – Milano Mobile Film Festival is the first mobile festival in Italy. It takes place in the inspiring setting of the historic center of Milan and it’s dedicated to works – videos and photos – made exclusively with mobile devices as smartphones, tablets, action cameras, and drones. As the French counterpart Mobile Film Festival,…


Prey – by Aćim Vasic

The perfect night of a predator turns out as a veritable nightmare

2018 | 5 - 10 | France | Gender | Live-Action | Thriller

The twist, the sudden and surprising turn, is quite often what makes a short film memorable. It is the case of Prey, short film directed by Aćim Vasic which ironically addresses the difficult (and very serious) theme of violence against women. Vasic deals with this topic at the time of #MeToo and Time’s Up, but…


The Short Films of Agnès Varda

An overview of some of the French New Wave filmmaker's most remarkable short films


Probably one of the most remarkable traits of Agnès Varda’s filmography is that she never cared too much for the format of her films. She really wasn’t big on conventions. She once said: “Not even the least important of the painters or the writers have someone imposing to them the measure of their canvas, nor…

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