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Beyond the Short: New generation of Italian video-artists

Short, feature, medium-length: Which differences? Discover the new generation of Italian video-artists and filmmakers

Short, feature, medium-length: different ways to define cinema or the broader area of moving pictures. These methods are primarily based on a quantitative and temporal distinction. These methods are certainly useful, helping us to define and carry out a production and distribution system. Festivals, events, and productions are based on these methods.

However, we might ask if this is the only one. Could we find a qualitative methodology within the quantitative distinction?

Is the potential of new technology modifying creativity and artistic production? Beyond shorts, features, and medium-length, there’s an original exploration of the new frontiers of artistic creativity, including video-art, multimedia installations, audiovisual experiments. Forms that have no interest to be defined as “short” but that in most cases are structured on a short length. These forms exist for over fifty years and they’ve always welcomed the technological development as an opening of creative possibilities. From celluloid to video, from digital to oculus rift, revolutionizing the way audience experiences art and media.

An example was the first edition of the Media Art Festival in Rome, which aimed to create a new domain in Italy for arts and new technology and to promote the artistic choices of young artists with an anthology curated by Veronica D’Auria (C.A.R.M.A. Centro d’Arti e Ricerche Multimediali Applicate). Among the most interesting and promising artists, we can find IOCOSE, Giovanni Mezzedimi, Danilo Torre, Daniele Spanò, Alessandro Amaducci, Alessandro Bavari, Piero Chiarello, Valeria Del Vacchio, Elisabetta Di Sopra, Francesca Fini, Maria Korporal, Igor Imhoff, Salvatore Insana, Eleonora Manca, Pinina Podestà, Arash Radpour, Mauro Rescigno, and Lino Strangis.

The meeting between art, cinema, and new media is the breeding ground of the future. It’s a new way of conceiving short films and, more generally, cinema itself. Here’s our “beyond the short” playlist.

Metachaos by Alessandro Bavari

The most tragic aspects of the human nature and of its motion – war, madness, social change, hate.

Drone+ by IOCOSE

The life of a drone after war and terror. Part of “In Times of Peace” project.

White Sugar by Francesca Fini

The Western cultural model is “white sugar,” an artificial and addictive chemical pleasure, altering taste and perception.

Temporary by Elisabetta Di Sopra

Only forgetting you can find the source of memory.

Anatomy Theater by Alessandro Amaducci

A theatrical drama for anatomical actors.

Frosted Glass by Piero Chiariello

The “natural” side of technology.

Curated by Valentino Catricalà

Alessandro Zoppo

Alessandro Zoppo

Editor-in-Chief @ Good Short Films

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