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Adam and Eve Raised Cain – by Francesco Erba

A poetic yet disturbing stop motion horror short film

15 – 20 | 2014 | Grotesque | Horror | Italy | Stop Motion

Adam and Eve Raised Cain is a disturbing short film. Stop motion animation is usually functional to tell reassuring or lovingly dark stories as in stunningly original and visually delightful works like Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas and Corpse Bride. Italian director Francesco Erba (born in Bergamo in 1986) goes further and uses stop motion to make a horror short film with gloomy and penetrating atmospheres. The short tells the story of Albert: The wounds from a childhood stained with tragic events, lead him to lock himself in the basement. Imagining and building miniature “worlds” is his only skill. This passion allows him to escape from his reality. A reality of torment, phobias and alienation. A journey in his mind, in the depths of his gray matter, brings forth his dramatic past and at the same time awareness. Violence begets violence, and even Albert becomes a dangerous man.

The production of Adam and Eve Raised Cain lasted about three years. The particularity of Erba’s work is in the accurate recreation of sets and characters. The time-lapse animated puppets are characterized by “human eyes,” the eyes were integrated in post production bringing to life the puppet that was animated on set. Visuals and themes are strongly influenced by ’50s sci-fi B-Movies, as the short film inside the short film, Atomic Rabbit from Outer Space, which stars an atomic rabbit monster.

During the 20 minutes of Adam and Eve Raised Cain, Francesco Erba continually gives a shout to moviegoers and cinephiles. His short is a tribute to “the first great film magician” and the pioneer of special effects Georges Méliès and to ’80s genre films. Adam and Eve Raised Cain is a strong visual experience, a work that experiments with courage the possibilities of mixing several languages. Although it is steeped in American culture, this work remains a proudly Italian work. The short won the Silver Ring for Best Short film at the Ravenna Nightmare Film Festival.

Chiara Pascali

Chiara Pascali

Digital Strategist. Particolare inclinazione verso la continua ricerca del nuovo e del bello. Cinema, letteratura e musica i linguaggi che preferisco per sondare la realtà che mi circonda.

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