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From Dad to Son – by Nils Knoblich

Son's love... in papercraft

2012 | 5 - 10 | Animation | Family | Germany | Stop Motion

A prisoner receives the message that his old father needs help with care of the farm. In his desperate situation the prisoner suddenly has the idea to give his father the workforce it needs. A plot based on a 2600 years old fable by the Greek storyteller Aesop and yet told in urban myths. In addition to the symbolic value, the relationship between a dad and his son, the exciting short film From Dad to Son directed by Nils Knoblich stands out for the particular technique of paper crafted animation.

All the characters are created in three dimensions with the exclusive use of paper, scissors and glue. The accuracy of the details surprises the viewer in every single scene. A meticulous work that expresses its magnificence in the facial expressions of each character. Sweat, frown, amazement. Cardboard box characters turn into a little jewel.

Knoblich is an illustrator, comic book artist, dj and co-founder of the artist-run space TOKONOMA. Premiered at the HAFF Utrecht, From Dad to Son was screened at over 150 international film festivals and received several awards.

Chiara Pascali

Chiara Pascali

Digital Strategist. Particolare inclinazione verso la continua ricerca del nuovo e del bello. Cinema, letteratura e musica i linguaggi che preferisco per sondare la realtà che mi circonda.

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