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Andre Hyland is an actor, writer, and filmmaker.

Hyland's films and live performances are a regular fixture at Los Angeles' alternative comedy venues. He's also created and starred in two television pilots one of which was co-created with Bob Odenkirk.

Often under the tag name Buddy Lembek, Hyland's fine art and graffiti work has been included in exhibitions at London's Institute of Contemporary Art, MASS MoCA, and Publico in association with Cincinnati's CAC.

Hyland’s work has screened at the Sundance Film Festival, SXSW, The LA Film Fest, and AFI Fest. RollingStone magazine named his short FUNNEL one of the 12 Must-See Sundance 2014. He debuts at the Sundance 2016 with his first feature film "The 4th".

Andre Hyland

The talented comedian for the second time at Sundance with his debut feature "The 4th", after last year big success of his $80-short film "Funnel".

Where are you from?
I am from Cincinnati, Ohio. I lived there until I was 24, then I moved to Los Angeles. I am still very much a proud Cincinnatian.

Are you a Sundance virgin?
No, this is my second time. I had a short film there in 2014 called Funnel. This is my first feature, so I am a feature virgin.

How does it feel to be a Sundance sensation?
I don’t know if I am a sensation, but it feels awesome. There are so few things left in the entertainment world that have credibility and good taste. Anything that has the Sundance stamp of approval — there is a certain quality about it that you can’t deny. So it feels really cool to be selected by that level of quality.

What’s the buzz about your movie?
That it is actually a smart comedy. Of course, I am biased — I made it. But a lot of indie comedies try to disguise cheap quirkiness as good comedy and this is not that. It is a dialogue-driven, grounded film and it is fairly true to life. It’s like I made a highlight reel of modern archetypes you might meet in this day and age — a compilation of all the mundane, stupid hurdles you have to overcome in daily life.

What was your first acting experience?
My older brother and I were home schooled from fourth grade to seventh grade and we started making videos. But as far as professional acting experience? My mom produced this recycling video when I was eleven and I was in that. I don’t think I even got paid.

Did you ever have a normal job?
I worked at two different pizza places in Cincinnati. I got fired from both. I also worked at American Apparel in LA for like a year. I got fired from there, too. I dressed up as an ice cream cone and walked around a mall for Häagen-Dazs. That was only for one day, though.

Describe your ideal Sundance selfie.
A photo that somebody else takes of me. I don’t like selfies. My Instagram rule is that I can only post one photo of me out of every five photos.

What’s more important to you: Staying warm or looking stylish?
A combination of both.  I don’t want to roll up looking like the Michelin Man covered in an enormous snow jumper. I don’t dress up often, but I also don’t dress down.

What do you think of Robert Redford?
He’s cool, man. I got to meet him the last time at a brunch for directors. He seemed like a nice dude — I mean, as far as my two minutes talking with him. He is a movie icon; he didn’t need to start a film festival. He could just be chillin

(Interview by James Patrick Herman originally published on Verge.is)

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