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Andre Hyland

The talented comedian for the second time at Sundance with his debut feature "The 4th", after last year big success of his $80-short film "Funnel".

Where are you from? I am from Cincinnati, Ohio. I lived there until I was 24, then I moved to Los Angeles. I am still very much a proud Cincinnatian. Are you a Sundance virgin? No, this is my second time. I had a short film there in 2014 called Funnel. This is my first…


Moisés Aisemberg

The Mexican director gives his personal insight on "Dulce Dolor".

(Originally published on Vice Mexico) VICE: Hi Moisés, tell us a little about your short. Moisés Aisemberg: It came by thinking about what would happen if a piñata went on psychoanalysis to talk about her trauma. I wanted to talk about it to briefly address the topic of sadomasochism and how we focus on that. How did you create…


Walter Woodman and Patrick Cederberg

Q & A with the Canadian duo behind the multi-awarded "Screenager short" Noah.

Interview by Pietro Minto fo Rivista Studio. (Posted on 20th September 2013) Studio: Hello? W: Hey, hello. P: Hello. W: We have just woken up. Studio: 10 am there in Toronto, right? W and Pa (unison): Yes. Studio: It’s early, then (big laugh). How was the Toronto Film Festival? W: Well, it’s finished on Sunday and it went so…


So What Pictures

Our interview with the guys at So What Pictures, one of the most innovative video production company in Italy.

So What Pictures is one of the most innovative video production company in Italy. The studio, based in Rome, is responsible for video production from design to post-production, making use of the experiences in the field of motion graphics, shooting, video editing and production of the founders Sara Taigher, Ippolito Simion (Rat Creatives) and Lorenzo…


Rä di Martino

A talk with Roman artist Rä di Martino on his latest art-doc "The Show MAS Go On".

The Show Go On MAS started as a Indiegogo funded documentary, then it gained the support from GUCCI, Think / Cattleya and the City of Rome. How did the whole project start? It was born in a very casual way: for once I really thought it was going to close because they had real problems with the rent costs and…


Piero Messina

Interview with Piero Messina author of The First Law of Newton and next to debut with his first feature film "L'Attesa" (The Waiting), produced by Indigo Film (The Great Beatuy).

Hi Piero, the title of the short film that we presented – The Newton’s First Law – is very evocative. How did you come up with this  story? Actually  the title came at the end. I had already finished editing the short film and were looking for a title, so I ran into the definition…



Our interview with MYBOSSWAS, creators of the experimental shortdoc "Riverbero" at its online premiere on Good Short Films.

MYBOSSWAS is one of the most innovative creative studios in Italy. The Turin collective has a very contemporary way of dealing with the visual medium and its production. Each “product” is based on three assumptions: the deconstruction of the concept of “boss” (the “boss” is the project); the use of cross-media or experimental languages​​; the participation…


Nehemias Colindres

The Salvadorian-American director and poet based author of "Berlin, Berlin" tells his point of view on the German capital and his future projects.

What brought you to Berlin? I came to Berlin for my career. I felt that I would have a greater chance in a different market other than Los Angeles. What was the starting idea for the making of Berlin, Berlin? The inspiration arose from the constant challenges faced while trying to survive in this city. So…


Carlo Lavagna

Roman director Carlo Lavagna talks about Arianna, his first feature film on hermaphroditism about to start production.

How did you develop this interest in hermaphrodites? The film is actually inspired by a series of recurring dreams I had when I was a child. I often woke up after a night in the shoes of a woman much older than me. The feeling of disorientation that caused me I believe it may be…


Carlo Sironi

Cargo's author talks about his ideas of cinema, the opportunities for an emergent film-maker, his future projects.

Cargo really impressed us for the very strong theme it addresses: the “sex-slaves” Why did you chose to tell this story? The need to tell this story starts from the desire to learn something that is under our eyes every day,  yet it fades out before our eyes. I wanted to stop by them, capture…


Matteo Zoppis & Alessio Rigo de Righi

Folk culture and narratives: the artisitc research from the authors of Il Solengo and the celebrated Belva Nera.

In Il Solengo the figure of Mario really impressed us, perhaps because it embodies a kind of universal archetype: that of the solitary wanderer away from the world. Do you agree? Certainly the figure of Mario hits the unconscious desire to run away, to get rid of everything, to be self-sufficient, as opposed to the instinct of…

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