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A regression therapy session diving a girl deeply into her distant memories turns into the materialization of cosmic entity Yog-Sothoth…

0 – 5 | 2015 | Archive Footage | France | Horror | Supernatural

Things to do to make a very good short film – write a brilliant script; shoot without distractions, even if you don’t get an extra budget; keep up the pace lowering the length. Kendy Ty manages easily all these components. Described by his mates at Wanda Productions as one-man band filmmaker, he is able to control each stage of production and proves to be a Canon T2i master.

Behind is his last work and in just five minutes tells the story of a regression therapy session diving a girl deeply into her distant memories. Cold, strain and fear soon materialize as well as disease and melancholy, past, present and future. It’s Yog-Sothoth, the Lovecraftian cosmic entity who knows the gate, is the gate, is the key and guardian of the gate.

A magic circle, an arcane book, an old VHS taking back in 1980: the death tolls of the Iran-Iraq War that cost more than a million lives. The girl is the key to the other dimension, while archival footage shows us horror and destruction. Shivers down your spine.

Ty has directed an impressive and creepy horror, an intense mystery featuring an incredible and paralyzing sound design and a circular, obsessive ambient noise score à la Gaspar Noé. The solution is simple: Don’t be afraid to experiment with genres. Turn off the lights, turn up the volume, and start invoking.

Alessandro Zoppo

Alessandro Zoppo

Alessandro Zoppo

Editor-in-Chief @ Good Short Films

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