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A psychedelic trip inside the mind of a young boy.

0 – 5 | 2014 | Animation | Fantasy | Fear | USA

A cruise aboard a ship turns into an inner journey through the visions, nightmares and anxieties of a young boy. Based on a true story, Cruising, illustrated and directed by Zachary Zezima,  combines hand-drawn animation with psychedelia, spanning from a mix of colorful scenes to darker, black and white scenes.

Zezima’s previous works, both shorts and illustrations, are always made in a surreal and frightening style, inner worlds and hallucinations are recurring figures in the artist’s efforts.

Cruising’s protagonist finds himself in a vortex of visions that replaces a reality in which he cannot find his place. He discovers his anxieties materialized in colorful visions, mixing fantasies and pieces of reality. The moment when he lets himself go in the sea and lays down at the bottom is very powerful.Michael Goldman’s music follow the film’s pace perfectly, spacing from ambient to electronic sounds, with some 70s psychedelic tones in the middle.

Cruising is an animation short that depicts in a very enchanting and captivating way the troubles of disorientation, nightmare and dream.

Flavia Ferrucci

Flavia Ferrucci

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