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Journal Animé – by Donato Sansone

The images on the pages of Libération come to life and pass the printed events in the Italian short which collected a César nomination

0 – 5 | 2016 | Animation | France | Politics | Satire

Donato’s sitting at the bar. A typical Parisian café during an ordinary rainy day. He flips through the pages of Libération and starts doodling for fun on the pages of the newspaper. He draws a Hitler mustache on Marine Le Pen and undresses a model on show. Suddenly something wonderful and sinister happens as the images come to life and pass the events.

A series of drawings on printed paper become a short film. Journal Animé by Donato Sansone collected a César Award nomination, entered into the rank of Oscars Best Animated Short shortlist and was selected at several film festivals, including Annecy and Palm Springs. Produced by Autour de Minuit’s Nicolas Schmerkin in cooperation with Canal+, Journal Animé is a part of the Collection dessine toujours (The Draw Forever Collection), an animation contest launched by Canal+ to celebrate, in a positive way, the one-year anniversary of the tragic terrorist attacks against the satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo. A big dose of liberty and insolence about freedom of speech made up of 8 shorts from young engaged contemporary European artists and animators. Produced over a 2 month period from Sept 15th to Nov 15th 2015, this short is an artistic improvisation in real time led day in and day out, inspired by international events as taken from the pages of the French daily newspaper. Featuring the stunning sound design by Enrico Ascoli, Donato meshes the Simpsons and Back to the Future, The Scream and Terminator, The Pietà and Babadook. He imagines Nadine Morano turning out to be black, a teenage Hitler taking a selfie, the vaudeville routine of Angela Merkel and François Hollande, flaming cities destroyed by Volkswagen diesel emissions, the consequences of the Syrian Civil War, Pope Francis transfigured into an angel of death.

To further his Art studies, Sansone attended Turin’s Cinematography Experimental Center, where he enjoyed testing the computer’s potential before going on to make art videos based on animation logic applied to reality. He has created music videos, shorts and spots and his films have won international acclaim, including Lovecube (2002, selected at Annecy), Loop Experiment (2010, which gained two prizes at Berlin Interfilm and Dok Leipzig), and Frosted Chocolate Mouse (selected at Annecy and winner as Best Animated Short at Adana Golden Boll). Journal Animé confirms he’s enormously talented. The closing image blows the short circuit permanently – a masked Islamic State militant beheading a rose, two days after the attacks in Paris on the night of November 13 2015 by Daesh gunmen changed France and Europe in 40 minutes.

Alessandro Zoppo

Alessandro Zoppo

Editor-in-Chief @ Good Short Films

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