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La Boca Del Léon

A man obsessed with the world of dead messes up with the dark arts and make one last call for help.

0 – 5 | 2013 | Horror | Mobile Phone | Spain | Supernatural

La Boca Del Léon is a story directed by Alfonso García López and written by Vincent Blonde, inspired by the real Vatican Exorcisms Manual. The film opens with a man, Mr. Montalvo, making a phone call to someone we soon learn to be a priest. The caller is clearly distressed, tired and frightened – with pentagrams and candles all over the floor. Now on a FaceTime call with the priest, the man’s arms begin to burn with symbols and the priest quickly turns to the man’s young daughter to help with an over-the-phone exorcism.

This short film will feel reasonably familiar because essentially it is a found-footage horror movie that uses the first-person perspective and hand-held cinematography as one of the tools to draw the viewer in. In this case it is not so much footage as a live feed since the film was made using a mobile phone. Make-up and atmosphere are well presented so the horror is visually evident but it does also feel tense, with a very good build throughout.

This 4-minute piece, recorded entirely with an iPhone 4s, raises ethical and moral questions about how new technologies are entering deep into the framework of our lives in the age of ubiquitous communication and social interaction, even into areas as sacred as supernatural phenomenon and demonic possession. The back-story, according to its creators, revolves around the appointment of 8 new exorcists in Madrid, and a new initiative of the Diocese of Madrid that established a call-in service to help address the increasing cases of possessions.

The service allows candidates seeking exorcisms – and priests alike – to avoid long and expensive journeys from their homes and/ or base of operations. The Diocese of Madrid claims that the Spanish exorcist Jose Antonio Fortea documented a total of 400 cases (source: EL PAIS) in which the devil had allegedly made an appearance, although most have been attributed to psychiatric circumstances. Of that number only 4 were authenticated as actual cases of possession requiring an exorcism. This is one of them…

La Boca Del Léon was awarded a Special Mention for best short film shot entirely with a cell phone at Phonetastic Mobile Sitges Film Festival 2013.


Tommaso Fagioli

Tommaso Fagioli

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