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Lazy Daze – by Brian Smee

A kaleidoscopic journey into a dog's dream.

0 – 5 | 2016 | Animation | Urban | USA | Visual Poem

How is like a dog’s dream? Maybe something similar to what is depicted by the young American animator Brian Smee in Lazy Daze, short animation made at CalArts in California, with the help of study mates Isabelle Aspin, additional animator on the film, Josh Shaffner, studies for the music, Daniel Walter Eaton for the sound effects and Aidan Reynolds who sound mix.

Walking around his neighborhood while coming back from classes, Brian started to imagine how an animal can feel and how much he feels foreign in an environment like a suburb.Which kind of perception of us, of our streets, cars, habits and behavior an animal have? How those can be translated into a dream? How a dog could dream happiness, distress, or sadness? Those are some of the questions that can come to your mind while watching Lazy Daze, a stream of colors, noise and music in this dog’s dreamlike world.

The making of the animation, which took over one year to come to light, according to Brian’s social-updates, was announced by a rather cryptic teaser first (starring his own dog w/ Kate Bush’s Hounds of Love), and then by a ‘gif-storyboard‘ building up to the film.

To properly transpose this pure animal imaginary, Brian has set his short in a particularly interesting way:

The film was also an experiment in editing and storytelling for me – says Brian – I wanted to set up a short that didn’t rely on narration. The structure of the film evolved to being more about transitions between color, movement and sound that felt intuitive rather than editing scenes together in a strict linear timeline.

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