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“My Self”: the intimate diary of Jennifer Medina

The selfie generation seen by the young Venezuelan artist's eyes.

0 – 5 | 2015 | Mobile Phone | Selfie | USA | Visual Poem

Jennifer Medina is a Venezuelan photographer and video maker, based in New York City.

Her works sweetly look at the weakness of the youth. In particular this strong and surreal video My Self is a self-portrait directed through the use of the common selfie-stick, which is a correlative objective of the 2.0 generation.

Jennifer defined this selfie generation “an artistic movement of the youth, a way of curating your life”.

While images of daily life, characterized by an use of eclectic colors, are screened in a slow cutting, we hear the voice over of the artist, who introduces herself sincerely. She is nostalgic because she feels the passage of time, a time that neither the slowed down images can stop.

“Las preguntas son mas deliçiosas que las respuestas” (Questions are more delicious than answers) sounds Jennifer’s words and in fact her stream of consciousness doesn’t seem to be interested in finding a specific destination, but it seems interested in opening new horizons for a rougher place: herself.

Visual Diary

Giulia Gioanina

Giulia Gioanina

Amo il cinema, la filosofia, e i corti di moda. Il mio motto è “So it goes” e il mio profilo Instagram è alamainofficial.

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