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N U M B – by Anders Weberg

Appearance and disappearance: A touching tribute in memory of a son

0 – 5 | 2014 | Experimental | Loss | Sweden | Visual Poem

To film an absence may seem an unsolvable oxymoron. Similarly, using a camera just like a tool that is meant to encapsulate what it in no more physically perceivable. Notwithstanding, the Swedish video-artist Anders Weberg with N U M B manages to do it.

In antithesis to his new work Ambiancé which is developed in a 720 hours long film, N U M B condenses his vision of the invisible and absence in few seconds. As in a mystic apparition the superimposition of long shot takes of a lighthouse and of a distant house merge one into another through an overexposed light. There are no words, the death of a son (to whom the film is dedicated) is aphasic without any possibility to give voice and meaning to the loss. In this sense only the act of vision seems to fill the void that exists in reality, through its metaphysic experience. A void that is shaped into a perceivable substance through the filmic mediation becoming a shrill sound and a dazzle light.

Anders Weberg doesn’t show the search for giving some logic to his own emotional “numbness.” There’s no possibility to literally fill the chasm that opens by the contact of the emptiness of the death through a story or a plot. The only hope to materialize and touch this void is to convey the metaphysic nature of the experience of loss into a codified and communicable form as the film or the digital bits. Not just an evanescent memory, but substantial reality. As the suprematis paintings, N U M B reduces the objective world in a dephormed and meaningless patina where feeling gets substance and primacy. According to the Russian painter Kazmir Malevich, “A blissful sense of liberating non-objectivity drew me forth into a ‘desert’, where nothing is real except feeling.”

Francesco Bozzi

Francesco Bozzi

Nato nel 1989, mi sono laureato in Letterature comparate alla Utrecht University nel 2015 ma, fuggendo l’accademia, cerco di scrivere del cinema che guardo, dello sport che seguo, e della muscia che sento.

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