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Symphony no. 42 – by Réka Bucsi

A fox in the woods is questioning about the essence of universe and then she shot herself.

0 – 5 | 2014 | Animation | Hungary | Man and Nature | Visual Poem

The first scene of Symphony no. 42, animated short film by Réka Bucsi, necessarily creates extremely high expectations. What did upset the fox so much to made her shot herself?

The work is Réka Bucsi’s graduation film from MOME (Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design) in Budapest and it was selected at the 64th edition of Berlin Film Festival among the Berlinale Shorts.

But Symphony no. 42 is also a beautiful and surreal trip through the paradoxes of the world we are living in. Animals reflecting on existence and pop culture are the protagonists of this animated short that alternates ruthless irony with grotesque images of deep sadness.

Elephants painting their cry for help on canvas, man throwing cakes at penguins, flying trees and also Damien Hirst painting his famous pois-shark are not giving us any answers but leave us suspended between drama and sarcasm. We are lulled in a limbo where we don’t know if is better to laugh at the absurdity or let us succumb to an unescapable sense of distress. Is maybe that the reason why the fox shot herself?

Symphony no. 42 is grotesque, sarcastic, dramatic and poetic. In nine minutes it makes you laugh, cry and in the end it left you suspended between the contradictions of our days.

A quite outstanding debut for Réka, since her work won about 45 awards around the world and was shortlisted in the 2014 competition for the Oscars Best Animated Short Film category.

Anita Vicenzi

Anita Vicenzi

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