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Code 8 – by Jeff Chan

Reality and fiction are melting in Code 8, your next sci-fi cult.

10 – 15 | 2016 | Canada | Dystopia | Live-Action | Sci-Fi

In the last few years short film has been act as a springboard for a lot of young directors, landed on the big screen after being put on a display with their projects. One of the most famous example is Neil Blomkamp, noticed from Hollywood after Alive in Joburg, which became the sci-fi cult District 9 produced by Peter Jackson. Blomkamp’s movie is one of the reference points of Code 8, an ambitious project that mixes together a realistic world with the superhero mythology, giving us back something really close to Josh Trank’s Chronicle, and bringing the audience in a close future where the 4% of the population has special abilities.

The characters are not heroes in skinny costumes, but common people, willing to use their powers to earn a few money in a work day. Just like in our reality, in Code 8 the “different” are feared from the rest of the population and hunted by police.

The mind behind this project is Stephen Amell, best known for being the leading actor in The CW series Arrow. Stephen produced Code 8 with his cousin Robbie Amell, who starred in the recent X-Files revival and in The Flash. Stephen, Robbie and director Jeff Chen worked on this project as an experiment for what’s going to became a feature film. Their Indiegogo campaign is going great, showing Code 8‘s ability to compete against Hollywood.

The most unexpected thing of this short film is the attention to details – its capability to express in just ten minutes all the difficulties of this fictional world, where diversity is feared and used in line with people’s interests. The visionary style, which combines an urban landscape with relevant sci-fi aspects, is helped by an excellent use of VFX, useful to mix the hot and asphyxiating set of Lincoln City with the CGI elements. It’s very interesting to see how this project will look on the big screen, but right now we have to enjoy Code 8 in its original version – ten minutes of sci-fi beauty.

Francesco Martino

Francesco Martino

Ho 26 anni e studio Editoria e Giornalismo a RomaTre. Mi occupo di cinema da tempo e collaboro con diversi siti tra cui Dude Magazine, Prismo e SerialMinds. Da qualche mese ho aperto un sito di cinema: Above the Line.

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