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Distortion – by Grégory Papinutto

A weird, disturbing and terrifying slasher about mind-altering mutations

10 – 15 | 2018 | France | Horror | Live-Action | Madness

Distortion by Grégory Papinutto is a solemn story of an ambitious struggle to survive. The French writer/director has crafted a slasher and terrifying tale of paranoia, mind-warping effects, and identity. This short film, about an evil friendship, sees a group of childhood friends who descend on an old abandoned house to party hard. When the euphoric haze of the rave quietens, something is definitely not right: Dianne, one of them, sees her friends changing into something else.

Distortion Grégory Papinutto

It’s a quiet movie sparse in dialogue, but the quiet moments are filled with captivating performance by scream queen Tania Kalume.

The horror elements (the abandoned house, the video surveillance server) mostly bookend Distortion as it takes its time laying out the playing field, but it gives enough to demonstrate that this tale will have teeth. And it’s all thanks to a dynamic construction of fear, the make-up SFX by Jérôme Jardin, and the score (a sharp mix of ambient and harsh noise) by Gansuile, the electronic project by Dara Smith & Eileen Carpio from Lakker.

“Disclosure – say the opening lines – is the most important step in chemical processes. Before being revealed, the hidden and sleeping image becomes warped and distorted. A distortion that will force them to make a choice.” It’s on target.

Alessandro Zoppo

Alessandro Zoppo

Editor-in-Chief @ Good Short Films

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