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Nyosha – by Liran Kapel & Yael Dekel

An animated tribute to those who survived the Holocaust and to the memory of its victims

10 – 15 | 2012 | Animation | Childhood | Documentary | Israel

Nyosha is the animated short documentary based on the true story of Holocaust survivor Nomi Kapel. Israeli directors Liran Kapel and Yael Dekel melt stop-motion and traditional 2D animation to recount how this ten year old girl, Liran’s grandmother, saved her life during the terrible time of World War II.

She was a regular girl back in Poland of 1942. Nyosha just dreamt of buying a pair of shoes during the reality of a pitiless war. She believed that because of her shoes, she will stay alive. And precisely those shoes saved her when the Nazis rounded up the town’s Jews. Or at least that’s what she always believed.

The total number of Jews killed in Poland since the German occupation ran into many hundreds of thousands and of the 3,130,000 Jews in Poland before the war over one-third perished in the last three years whilst many millions of the Polish population were either deported to Germany as slave labours or evicted from their homes and lands, and many of their leaders murdered.

Combining dreams and reality with an impressive set design, Nyosha is an amination filled with imperfections but that gives back the child’s perspective perfectly. Digging into a deeply emotional level, this short is a tribute to those who survived the Holocaust and to the memory of its victims.

Originally from the Jezreel Valley, Liran Kapel lived in California for about six years. Graduated in Film and Animation from Sapir College, she has directed in 2016 her second short film, The Rope, winner as Best Experimental Short at the 2017 Florida Animation Festival. Nyosha has been presented in hundreds of film festivals around the world, and has won dozens of awards. It is also exhibited in several Holocaust museums in France, Russia, Israel and Poland.

Alessandro Zoppo

Alessandro Zoppo

Editor-in-Chief @ Good Short Films

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