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In the outer space, a detective is looking for a mysterious missing ship.

2015 | 5 - 10 | Live-Action | Outer Space | Sci-Fi | USA

From the director of HENRi, a sci-fi short film selected by the most important festivals around the world, another genre short film: Atropa. Contrary to HENRi, shot mostly with animated models, this time diretor Eli Sasich makes an extensive use of digital special effects with a result that almost equals Holliwood big productions.

The story, written by Clay Tolbert, is set in the outer space where the main character, a intergalactic detective, is looking for a missing spacecraft and its crew. Time passes relentlessly with no sightings, so much that detective Freeman takes his time playing chess with the virtual A.I. of the ship.

But everything is about to change. Eli Sasich is good to take us immediately into the core of the story. While the officer  looking himself in the mirror of the bathroom, the A.I. starts the alarm signaling an “unidentified vessel” in the radar. Just the vessel that the officer Freeman was looking for. But when Freeman enters the missing spacecraft, something strange hovers in the air. The crew is still hibernating in their cells, and their calendars mark different dates. The apex of this inexplicable affair is reached when the spacecraft is on a collision with an unidentified object …

The film has a great “production value”. The design and animation of spacecraft, built by the German company effects The Light Works, are breathtaking. All is very old 70s and 80s Sci-Fi style, from the look to the emotions. This value, however, does not detract from the story. The ultimate goal of the story is trigger essential questions.

Eli Sasich and Clay Tolbert play with the variables of space still unknown to us: time and space and their alteration. But also on how we humans might react to the unpredictability of the universe. And they do so in a very intelligent way.

Lorenzo Ganugi Spagli

Tommaso Fagioli

Tommaso Fagioli

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