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Bear – by Pascal Floerks

A mysterious and personal story about the director's grandfather

2014 | 5 - 10 | Animation | Documentary | Germany | Mixed Media

It’s really hard to say, perhaps Bear (Bär) is a documentary, perhaps a short animation. Certainly it’s the final project directed by Pascal Floerks, who concluded his studies at the Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg with the completion of this film.

The scenes are a series of slides depicting the life of the director’s grandfather. Pascal talks about him with a poignant voiceover. The pics, even if they are probably created especially for the occasion, can really give an atmosphere of intimacy and at the same time can be fascinating. The nostalgia of the past meets the charm of a well-told and simple story, showing little things and details. It seems to listen to a nephew who looks with mesmerized eyes at his grandpa, whose daily movements have an echo of magic. And now it’s the moment to mention that the aforesaid grandfather looks like a bear, just as the imagination of a child can imagine an elder man, maybe with a surly character and physically wiry (then you find out he’s the sweetest man ever, like the one in Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory, but the concept of childhood fantasy remains unchanged).

However, it is certainly not a short film for children. Bear has a lot of dark sides. From the scene of the cat, until you reach the grandpa’s military experience during the World War II. At this time, the coldness and the strength of the grandfather appear perfectly comparable to those of a bear. This might make you think and reflect on the many nuances of the character of a person. It’s like we are made of numerous irregular sediments, each leading to different times in our lives, to different feelings and the scars they left behind. We would be “such stuff as dreams are made on” as Shakespeare suggested, but I think that Shrek had a point proudly comparing himself to an onion, with layers.

Marta Zannoner

Marta Zannoner

Aspirante scrittrice, osservo la realtà spesso distrattamente. Per questo ricorro ai film, per prestare attenzione.

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