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A horror film actress deals with her fall from stardom and learn the true nature of the genre.

2015 | 5 - 10 | Horror | Human Nature | Live-Action | UK

Mostly known as Amy Pond in “Doctor Who” or the Nebula of “The Guardians of the Galaxy”, Scottish actress Karen Gillan gives us this short about the world of entertainment and actresses, by condensing a strong message in very few minutes.

It is commonly said to be much more difficult to create a short film rather than a feature film because the running time is reduced and you must be direct and immediate. Gillan expertly manages to portray the world of conventions that she knows very well, with the moment of signature, the memorable photos, and the conference.

But as many of you may know, the convention is also where many actresses that are not seen aorund for a while find their dimension again, and the affection they thought they had lost. The main character, played by Gillan herself, is just this kind of actresses. Interpreter of niche horror films, after great success, she finds herself in front of a small group of admirers who soon take possession of her own life, turning the convention into the stage of her final bow.

A intense short that also reflects on the condition of the actresses in the world today: idolized in one second, given off to fame, fans, reporters and then forgotten, left in a corner, on the bench, put aside as doll in an old closet, waiting for the next freak. No one sees the celebrities on a duty as a human being, a person with feelings just like us, but a money-making machine, a deity on earth with an expiration date. Gillan well reflects this universe, despite her young age and her being on the crest of the wave of success. She keeps her feet firmly on the ground and observes the world around her, as the Italian neorealists did many years ago. A well-written short film directed with skill and care, that you can not miss.

[from Italiapost.info]

Tommaso Fagioli

Tommaso Fagioli

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