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Sunday – by Patrick Doyon

An animation that brings the unexpected in an ordinary family lunch

2012 | 5 - 10 | Animation | Canada | Childhood | Visual Poem

It’s a cold Sunday in wintertime. Sunday immediately brings us back to our childhood and, for a moment, we really feel like a kid again. We remember those trips in the car when everything seemed so far away. And the sounds, colors and smells of the grandparents’ house. The candies kept aside for us, the old fashion furniture, the tv always on, the never-ending lunches and dinners when your parents were making adults’ talks. That was the moment when you started to dream, to look for an adventure, running between the long legs of adults immersed in incomprehensible conversations.

Sunday is a small masterpiece that touches almost everyone’s strings of memory. There’s something in the way director Patrick Doyon describes this world that could be sad or even brutal; but everything is filtered through the child’s eyes and the animation helps to make the rest of the magic, creating in this short a sweet and melancholic atmosphere.

Ten minutes of animation that have not gone unnoticed. The short has won a number of awards at international film festivals, as well as a special mention at the 61st Berlinale, and a nomination for the Academy Award in 2012. A great success for the first work of the Canadian helmer, who is also an illustrator. Among his latest creations, the book “The Thief of Sandwiches”, winner of the prestigious literary prize of the Canadian government in 2015.

If after the short, you have even more desire than before for illustrations and animations, a visit to Patrick’s blog is mandatory: www.patrickdoyon.tumblr.com

Valeria Mazzucchi



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