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The ghost of a little girl wanders through a dark and spooky city as her parents mourn her passing.

2011 | 5 - 10 | Denmark | Grief | Horror | Special FX | 1970

The grief process is a recurring theme throughout the history of cinema. Extremely subjective and universal at the same time, the mourning of the loss of a loved one has been analyzed and described in melodramas, dramedies, even horror-fantasy films, as Lars Von Trier recently did with Antichrist. Danish filmmaker Tobias Gundroff Boesen‘s work is somehow close to the latter, although it’s a less morbid and more mood-oriented film.

A young couple has recently lost their daughter, and the pain they’re going through is devastating. The director chose to portray the consequences of this death from two different points of view: we both look at the couple’s struggles with daily life and at the daughter’s wanderings around an eerie and dark city, probably oblivious to the fact that she’s now a ghost. The child  runs through he woods and deserted streets, causing strange paranormal events around her, while her mother is unable to cope and deal with her everyday activities, lost in an alienating state, which we see before our eyes in a few hallucinatory scenes. The little girl is searching for a way home, all she wants is to be reunited with her parents. And it’s only through that spiritual embrace that both worlds will find some peace.

Shot with a Canon 3D and a little-to-no budget, Ghost is yet another proof of the fact that all it takes to make a good film is inventiveness and creativity overall. The nocturnal word where the girl wanders around is populated by menacing creatures and sinister sounds. The choice to avoid dialogue has given full space to sound design, which is amazingly done, and that – along with the emotional cinematography, builds a surreal and creepy atmosphere. The empty streets, enchanted woods and spooky locations along the girl’s way are beautiful and disturbing, and act a symbolic response to the characters’ moods.

Ghost was produced and realized by director Tobias Gundorff Boesen and DOP Andreas Berg, who both grew up in Viborg, the Danish town in which the short was filmed. The starting idea was to show places they’re familiar with under a different light, building a universe with a strong visual and emotional impact. This was one of Boesen’s first works, a young Scandinavian talent who’s very active in the production of music videos and commercials.

Flavia Ferrucci

Flavia Ferrucci

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